Announcement: We've Got the Cleaning Bug!

We’re throwing a party :partying_face: - a cleaning party, that is! :broom::sponge:

Since we launched the new Community interface back in October of 2019, the community leadership team has been able to do amazing things to support and engage with you all. Our tools are boundless, and we want to take it a step further!

One of the best features of our Community is the ability to self-serve recommendations, solutions, and past conversations by searching for them right inside our forums. In order to improve this experience, the moderation team is hard at work to make these capabilities even better.


  • Combining of “like-topics”. There are lots of multiple conversations asking questions like “Where should I start reading Batman?” To make these friendlier for new members, we will be combining these topics to ensure everyone’s answers are seen.

  • Updating topic titles. This practice makes topics MUCH easier to search, and easier to identify if that topic addresses a member’s needs.

  • Adding/removing tags. Not only are titles searchable, but tags are a crucial tool we want to encourage, as well! For example, by clicking on or searching for the #batman-the-animated-series tag, you will find all relevant topics that have been tagged for those discussions.


That’s a great question! Read on to find out:

We start by looking at a couple of Guidelines - the Community Guidelines that you all know, and the Posting Guidelines that you might not be quite as familiar with.

Using those, in addition to the standard we’ve been using since the very beginning, we roll up our sleeves, tie our hair in bandanas, and start cleaning!

To revisit, cleaning consists of:

  • Ensuring the TITLE of a topic is properly formatted - descriptive, clear, and capitalized.
  • Ensuring the BODY of a topic is more than just a link or a photo; that it includes at least a single sentence explaining to other members what they’d like to discuss.
  • Ensuring the topics are in the correct CATEGORY and/or sub-category so it gets the best exposure.
  • Ensuring the TAGS on a post are correct. This helps other members find topics that might interest them just by using simple search terms.
  • Ensuring redundant and long inactive topics (~1 year) are retired. This helps newer threads to thrive, and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for by searching.
  • Ensuring posts are abiding by the COMMUNITY GUIDELINES.

:thinking: “HOW WILL I KNOW IF MY POST WAS EDITED?” :thinking:

If your post is edited, you will receive an automatic notification to let you know. Here is a helpful key:

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 4.32.56 PM The title or body was edited.
Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 4.32.47 PM Your topic or comment was combined into a more appropriate topic or category.

If you notice a topic has been changed and feel that it has been in error, please contact the @moderators team directly and we will sort it out.

Questions, thoughts, or bursting with elation at the mere mention of “organization”? Let us know in the comments below!


@DC_Community. Thanks for the updates.


Thanks for the info :+1:


Hell yeah I’m bursting with elation at the mere mention of “organization”! :partying_face: :champagne:

As an Organizer’s Organizer™, I love to file, index and notate (along with all other forms of apropos organizational nomenclature, natch). “Every assorted thing in its own notated place.” is my motto. Well, that and “Beef jerky kicks ass!”, but the aforementioned organizational motto is what pertains to the discussion at hand.


Sometimes the problem is size
My Super Hero Genre History is really nine posts but comments makes it much bigger.
Should they be removed?

Some platforms don’t do liinks riight? Because of that they are many duplicates of. My recommended For New DC Readers

There has got to be one topic on what Potential Members should expect or not as regards to content it should be specific.
Comics a year after published
No graphic Novels
Very little Vertigo
No Black label
No Watchmen or Mister Miracle
New animation 90 days after blu ray
Warner Brothers soesnt own Batma 66 ir Swamp Thing films or TV
CW on Netflix
Smallville on Hulu

Also a lot of recommendations
Include comics not in library
Which is confusing and frustrating to members

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It would be good to have an index for each book club

So we can see what topics were covered.

Very good for new members considering joining a club


I 100% agree with this! Our Club Leaders often use their Club Directory entries to compile a history of what they’ve covered.


We’ll be organizing on a case-by-case basis, but given some of the unique character of posts like the Super Hero Genre History, we note that this not a redundant topic- it deserves to stand on its own and be discovered for the lessons it provides.

With that in mind, we can work together in DM if you would like to see a change made to any of your topics. Additionally, anything we might impact in our organization can be reversed, so if you notice one of your posts are effected, feel free to reach out!

For the most part, these efforts are being put in place to address our pre-2.0 days, when it was difficult to discover previous conversations like “Who Is The Best Robin?” These are the kind of topics we’re looking at, rather than the hearty and informative ones.

We have fixed the issue of clicking to comics and videos and articles in the platform- the current trouble is being able to click YouTube links and other external sites. So that’s not currently an issue. But if it is for anyone reading this, please let us know!

Fortunately, regardless of the links, our Search function works as expected for all members on all platforms, which is the experience we are optimizing for- discoverability.

I think this could be useful as an “FAQ” in the Suggestion Box area- what do you think? I’m concerned if they are all separate topics they will get lost, or worse, dominate a category where meaningful discussions about interesting content are occurring.

Fortunately we also have a lot of recommendations that are in the library! We will be sure to note when there are comics that people can locate instead through their local store or online. Unfortunately this is not a challenge we will be able to tackle easily, but the feedback is noted :slight_smile:



The suggestion.Forum contains many frustrated would be or current members stating that this or that should be on DC Universe

Currently the Mods say

We will send your requests foreard

Licensing agreement may prevent this being done soon

Will the second sentence be replaced by a link to the new FAQ?

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Cleanliness is important :relieved:



Does anyone know why my rewinds are only giving me or allowing me 45 points a day??? Someone please help

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Hi, @seanybear56. The policy was changed. There’s now a daily cap instead of a weekly one. You can find details here:

Important Rewards Update: Token Earn Rate Moving from Weekly (250) To Daily (35) - June 15th: Updated 6/15

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