Anniversary Special Candidates in 2022

One of the coolest things DC has been putting out over the past couple years has been the “80th Anniversary Specials,” which celebrate a character’s milestone with a special anthology issue covering all aspects of the character’s history. In 2020, we got anniversary specials for Robin, Joker, Catwoman, and Green Lantern. This year, we got a brilliant special for Green Arrow, and similar specials are on the books for Aquaman and Wonder Woman. So, as this trend continues, who can we expect to be given the same treatment the next year?

The only significant DC character with an 80th anniversary next year is Wildcat. While I’d love to see a Wildcat special, he’s a character who has literally never had his own title. Maybe this is the perfect time to give him one, but I don’t see a lot of potential for a big special celebration with a multitude of creative teams rallying behind him.

So, maybe 80 isn’t the focal number next year. What about 75? That’s three quarters of a century. I’d say it’s a number worth celebrating.

1947 is the year that first brought us Black Canary. Now, a Black Canary anniversary special, there’s something we can get some heat on. But let’s go all the way down the line. If we’re going to celebrate decade milestones next year, with special quarterly celebrations included for 25 and 75, here’s a list of 2022’s strongest Anniversary Special candidates.

80 Years (1942):

75 Years (1947):
Black Canary

70 Years (1952):
Detective Chimp (Unlikely, but could see this one being a lot of fun.)

60 Years (1962):
The Metal Men

50 Years (1972):
The Demon, Etrigan
Jonah Hex (I would LOVE to see this.)
This is also Human Target’s year, but he’s already getting a Black Label series.

40 Years (1982):
Ambush Bug

30 Years (1992):
Stephanie Brown (please)
WildCATS (probably the most likely, after Black Canary)

25 Years (1997):
Uh… Zauriel, maybe? Not a big year for new landmark characters.

20 Years (2002):
We’re really in “too recent for an anniversary special” territory now, and 2002 wasn’t a big year for breakout characters anyway.

10 Years (2012):
OK, this like, just happened, and DC was still too busy building on their entire rebooted universe to debut any breakout new characters when the focus at the time was on refreshing the old ones.

Did I leave out anyone obvious? Any of your favorites? Let the speculation begin!


Not in 2022, but in 2023…

…Though I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll have to buy a 6 pack of beer and celebrate myself :laughing:

Edit: 2023 will also be the 60 year anniversary of the Doom Patrol. So for sure that will get some attention.


25 year anniversary of The New Batman Adventures.

30th anniversary of first airdate of Batman the Animated Series.

35 anniversary of Batman Year One and Falcone.


I’ll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of my favorite DC movie: The Dark Knight Rises! I think a trilogy rewatch will definitely be in order :batman_hv_5:



I’d be down for a 30th anniversary special of this, especially since WildStorm properties have been creeping back into view as of late, and with the hope that they’ll be more prominent come the 30th anny of the 'C.A.T.S.


Speaking of which, I hope you checked out Batman: Urban Legends #5.


I dropped it after #2, but I know who showed up in #5. Am I excited for what it could portend? Oh. Yes.

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I think Black Canary at 75 years would be awesome! She featured decently in the Green Arrow 80th though, so who knows. Also, didn’t Hawkman and Shazam hit 80 without any fanfare? I thought those were odd omissions considering they’ve both had some good press in recent years as well as upcoming film appearances.

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  1. Ambush Bug special please
  2. A Yolanda!Wildcat special or miniseries to tie in with Stargirl would be nice.

That will be Yolanda’s 37th anniversary, which is not normally celebrated.

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Oops, sorry.