Anna Diop was amazing!

Titans was amazing! Robin was awesome! Raven was glorious! I didn’t see enough Beast Boy to judge but I think he’s going to be the bomb! And Starfire…oh, Starfire! Starfire stole the show! Anna Diop was beautiful and played the part well!


I really hate the fact she was bombarded with so much hate because of her race. :frowning:

The only thing I wasn’t fond of is the wig. Hopefully as the season progresses they get her a better lace front.

As somebody who wears wigs, I’m critical when it comes to them lol.

But I really enjoyed the pilot!


Yea I never had a doubt she wasn’t gonna crush the role she was one of the best parts of ep 1 I’m interested to see how things turn out once she finds raven

I loved her so much!! She’s gonna be amazing. Can’t wait to learn more.

She’s got charisma. The Starfire/Raven mysteries seem to be the main plot for season one, & I’m intrigued!

The hate wasn’t due to her race, it was her costume, hair style and the fact they didn’t do her makeup to be orange skin, which race doesn’t matter for

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The hair needs to go. It’s just awful. The clothes aren’t Starfire either but considering the character seems to have been linked to a mob boss I can understand.

The actual actress wasn’t bad at all. I’d give her an 8 for acting. It’s just that what she had to work with was under part.


Starfire was never orange. She was gold, which is why Cyborg constantly called her Goldie.

Okay, I liked episode 1 overall. Since Teen Titans was the first comic I ever owned thanks to the 1980’s (yes I am that old) anti-drug campaign, I am a huge fan and will probably be a hard one for them to win over…but I will be fair. I like Robin, looks awesome, and seems to be right for the time and era, LOVED Raven so far. Beast Boy was brief, but cool so far. As for Starfire……… 1st let me say the actress was cool, and she did a good job. As for the character, I am VERY uneasy…though I am willing to accept this might be a new interpretation of her, so far I am in the WTF category. Looking forward to episode two, and keeping an open mind until I see more.


Ravens soul self though !!!


This is not, nor should it be expected to be, a note for note version of Teen Titans that have come before. I like the new spin on Starfire simply because it is unpredictable. If you don’t like unpredictable stories then go back and re-read the old comic books if you need to be comfortable

I loved Anna Diop! I had issues getting through the Raven parts as I have recently discovered I just am not a fan of the character. Can’t love every character right? I found myself drawn into the Starfire moments because of how Anna played the role. I just am super excited to see where she takes the role and I don’t mind the hair at all. It worked for me over the course of the episode.