Animated series for everyone!

So how do we talk DC to continue the green lantern animated series and start making one for every character!!


Hopefully they forget about the animated universe and continue to create the young Justice universe.

I wouldn’t mind it stemming from the young justice universe. But would still like to see separate projects if possible

I think it’s time to let the animated universe go.

As you can tell I think Young Justice is a billion times better than anything the TAS ever was.

Sorry, folks, but here comes one of those “controversial opinions”, Young Justice is not the “end-all and be-all” of animated series. Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited are superior. And yes, we need more animated content. And no, it should not be all in the vein of Young Justice. Green Lantern was unique in both tone and execution, as was Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Teen Titans. Not everything has to be grim and adult. Just produce original content that is fresh and entertaining. Come on, you can’t tell me that “Heart of Ice” and “The Great Brain Robbery” aren’t two of the best DC animated offerings ever produced.


Brave & Bold is my favorite. YJ barely behind tho. Just can’t beat the characters on B&B & never see em anywhere else. I’ll never forget when B&B came out. I thought I was dreaming when the characters started appearing out of the proverbial woodwork.


I’m not a fan of Young Justice because of it not being anything like the 90’s YJ. It has a lot of canonical mistakes and it is too serious for my taste.

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young justice is not a billion times better than tas ever was that’s insane to say still no show has topped jl, jlu and btas

young justice universe would be cool but djbreezy ur crazy if u think that

I think that there is an argument to be made for all three of the animated series mentioned so far in this thread (Young Justice, Batman TAS and Justice League Unlimited) to be the best of all time.

The first season of BTAS has some real clunkers. And Critters is one of the worst episodes in the entire DCAU. But BTAS/TNBA also gave us absolute gems like Heart of Ice, Almost Got 'Im and Growing Pains. At 112 episodes, it certainly had more times at bat (pun intended) than its competition, but the first season brings down its average by a considerable amount.

Justice League had a really rocky first season with only a few stand out episodes, and the shift to half hour stories in the third season (1st of JLU), created some not-so-inspired episodes there as well. However, episodes like Twilight, Grudge Match and the quadrology at the end of season 4 (starting with Question Authority) are the absolute height of comic book goodness.

The second season of Young Justice felt a bit rushed, with a few too many characters wedged in for my taste. But it has one of the best pilots ever for any show (including non-animated television) and has continued to give us a great balance of individual shows (Coldhearted) with ensemble pieces (Misplaced).

Since BTAS/TNBA and JL/JLU are over, it’s easy to judge them in retrospect. But Young Justice could have years ahead of it. The producers say they have plans for up to seven seasons! With that in mind, I’d say YJ is a contender for best animated show of all time. But only future episodes will tell…

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I love Young Justice but billion times better than Batman TAS ever was? Fool, please! Some people overrate or underrate things to such extreme lengths. Why even compare those two different shows?

There is room for BOTH universes!

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well if ur talking abt greatest animated show of all time not just dc i feel that clone wars and avatar should be in the convo