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if there was one graphic novel that can be turn into an animated movie, which one would you like to see?


So many of them. But a robin origin film, tbh.


How about The Cult? I think that one could work even if they put it in the main animated film continuity. As much as I like Jason in it, Damian would work, too.

Son of the Demon would be a lot of fun, but I’m not sure if it would fit with the current continuity. And I’d like to suggest something like Blind Justice or Ten Nights of the Beast, but I know that those are pipe dreams.


Ten Nights of the Beast would be amazing!


White knight!


I second the White Knight. I’m pretty sure it’ll go down as a classic someday, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it got adapted to an animated movie.

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An original graphic novel I’d want to see as a movie…

How about…The Judas Coin. I thought that was a fun read, and it could translate to animation quite well.

Walt Simonson could even write the screenplay for it and do some character design work.

Kingdom Come would be cool, but I don’t think they could emulate Alex Ross’s style.

Some Crisis would be cool, whether COIE or an earlier one.


I could really go for some blackest night.

We got something like it already but I really want to see Forever Evil animated or also Identity Crisis because the spotlight is not on the usual suspects besides Batman its more involved with Green Arrow, The Atom, and of course “Flongated Man” lol all of which never really get love in animation

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Heavy Metal Knights Batman!


Battle for the Cowl or Knightfall would be pretty sick. Or the Injustice series.

Long Halloween would be sick!


I’ll second blackest night.


I would adore a serialized PLANETARY show. Each issue would make a great show, and the book (which is here) is a total masterpiece, writing and art and coloring.

And, if you haven’t read it, you should know that it is a deconstruction of superhero stories of a piece with WATCHMEN and THE BOYS. Nowhere near as depressing a story as either of the others, it’s about “mystery archeologists” who, at the climax of the first story, Jakita says to Joshua, “Strange world.”

He replies, “Let’s keep it that way.”

And that is one of the themes of the story.

Check it out. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Besides, the logo is different on each cover, like the early Cure singles, and that was the inspiration.

It even has a happy ending. Imagine that.

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I agree with Long Halloween


If we are talking serialized, I would love to see a retro GL/GA road trip across America with Ali Apa. It is so iconic and a is a great slice of history both DC & US.

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If it was serialized i would do a secret six spin off.

Nightwing v Blockbuster!

Speeding Bullets!!!