Animated movie plots.

Which comic plot lines would make for a great animated feature in the future? I’m rooting for War of Jokes and Riddles, with all the major Batman villains fighting for control of Gotham with Batman and Gordon struggling to keep up. It would make for one hell of a movie. Plus Kite Man… Hell yeah!

I would give up my ten toenails down to the roots to see a three part animated adaptation of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. I know parts of it may have to be changed but just dropping the viewer into an established DC multiverse with a grey templed Superman and the Marvel Family on their own Earth would be a beautiful thing because the three part format would allow for an exploration of DC’s history sprinkled among the action beats.

I would love an animated version of Wonder Woman/Superman fighting Zod/Faora just for those epic fight scenes we could get.

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I too would love an animated version of the New 52 Wonder Woman/Superman!

Blackest Night anyone?

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Tim Drake’s first solo miniseries would make a good animated feature (an even better live action series)