Analyzing the Comics Selection on the DCU (with numbers!)

This is my first post, so I’m not sure how formatting on DCU forums works. I already put this in the General Discussion section but since it is specifically about the Comics, I figured it should go here too?

Here are the facts about the comics available on DCU. (Some of these numbers are rounded for clarity).

of Issues: 2,561

of Series: 306

Average # Issues Available per Series: 8

of Series with only 1 issue: 110 (36%)

of Series with 2 - 9 issues: 120 (39%)

of Series with 10 - 19 issues: 38 (13%)

of Series with 20 - 49 issues: 31 (10%)

of Series with 50 - 99 issues: 6 (2%)

of Series with more than 100 issues: 1 (0.3%)

My next goal is to analyze the publication years of the comics available but that will take significantly more time to accomplish. If I receive positive feedback on this post I will definitely do it though!


Have to say, I’m not a fan of how many series ONLY have #1s. I’d rather have less series overall with more issues per series. Just out of curiosity, what’s the series with 100 issues.


Great observation. Thanks for the hard work to put numbers to perception. Well done! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for doing this. I agree it is too high!

Thanks for the hard work and analysis. I hope the DCU realizes that over a third of the “curated” content being only issue # 1 reflects badly on their curation. I signed up for the service in hopes that I could sample some new titles that I am not familiar with. I have really enjoyed Birds of Prey, but as I read the run it was missing several tie in issues from crossover issues. So even the longer runs (20-99 issues) are incomplete. Keep up the good work! I hope your analysis and our feedback gets a better mix of issues and full runs for a full story.

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@u_no_hoo: The series with over 100 issues is Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight which has 103 issues available on DCU.

Its “Batman Legends of the Dark Knight” with 103 issues. 1-103.

@TravisMorgan: Just to clarify, those series mentioned only have one issue but it might not be the “first” issue. I’m planning to run more analyses that include full storylines vs one-shots vs incomplete storylines.