Analyzing the Comics Available on DCU

This is my first post, so I’m not sure how formatting on DCU forums works. I will attempt to post this information is the most user-friendly way possible. I will be improving this data over time.

Here are the facts about the comics available on DCU. (Some of these numbers are rounded for clarity)

of Issues: 2,561

of Series: 306

Average # Issues Available per Series: 8

of Series with only 1 issue: 110 (36%)

of Series with 2 - 9 issues: 120 (39%)

of Series with 10 - 19 issues: 38 (13%)

of Series with 20 - 49 issues: 31 (10%)

of Series with 50 - 99 issues: 6 (2%)

of Series with more than 100 issues: 1 (0.3%)

My next goal is to analyze the publication years of the comics available but that will take significantly more time to accomplish. If I receive positive feedback on this post I will definitely do it though!


Well the formatting clearly failed. Also I already found a typo. So is there any way to edit posts on here?

Putting the information in the comments so it is easier to read:
Number of Issues = 2,561. Number of Series = 306. Average Number of Issues Available per Series = 8.

Formatting looks great on my device. This is really awesome. Thanks for doing this!

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1 issue = 110 (36%). 2 - 9 issues = 120 (39%). 10 - 19 issues = 38 (13%). 20 - 49 issues = 31 (10%). 50 - 99 issues = 6 (2%). More than 100 issues = 1 (0.3%).

Thank you! It turns out the formatting is just delayed. The post looked terrible and unreadable for the first couple minutes but now it is fixed! Just wish I hadn’t spammed my own post with those comments now…

You should also list percentage of complete stories. I don’t mean complete runs of volumes. For example Catwoman 1993 (volume 2) has seven issues - 0 through 6. However, issues one through six tell the story Catfile.

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I completely agree! Although in many ways that will be EVEN more time consuming than the publication years because it isn’t always obvious when a storyline begins or ends (especially on this app). If publications years are step #2 of the data, then complete stories are definitely step #3.

Sometimes that information is on DC wiki.

The names of those long running series would be great. Nice job, and thanks for sharing!

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