An UPDATED Inside Look at the New DC Comics Office!

Happy Monday, friends!

As a fun post to start the week, I wanted to share some fun pics from the new DC Comics offices! WB has recently opened a brand new office building, and we’ve just moved into the new space–exciting times!

Enjoy this peek at the new WB/DC Comics digs:

Love this DC Comics sign, overlooking the lot!

Hop off the elevator, and you’re greeting by a hallway of iconic DC movie characters!

Here’s a closer look at Christian Bale’s Batman :batman_hv_2:

Need to hop on a call? Take a seat at one of our open meeting spaces!

Not quiet enough? No sweat–the quiet meeting pods have you covered.

Not enough space for your meeting? Gather with your team in one of our many meeting rooms–each of them are named after iconic DC Comics locations!

Statues galore!

Who doesn’t love a life-sized LEGO Batman??

If LEGO Bats isn’t your cup of tea, what about a 5 foot-tall Batman Funko Pop?

The glorious HERO wall! This wall is covered in iconic DC action figures, with the word “HERO” painted in white. Great place to meet up with colleagues before going to lunch!

Speaking of lunch, grabbing a bite has never been easier. Swing over to one of our two office kitchens–complete with espresso, water, energy drinks, snacks, and more!

Sometimes it’s a little too hot to eat outside…with this indoor meeting area, you can enjoy the AC while havin’ a coffee or snack.

Don’t forget about MAD! This wall is covered in iconic MAD covers and art.

Not too far away from the MAD wall is this awesome bronze Alfred E. Newman statue.

Take a short work break at the Hobbit Pinball machine! A personal favorite of mine.

Don’t miss these awesome figurines and mini statues!

The gang is all here :smiley:

Keep your wits sharp with this Gotham themed Chess Set!

The Joker looooooves taking selfies.

Update (8/31)!

Per @TheRonarchy’s request, here are a few fun additions to the DC Offices!

A smiling Scooby welcomes you as you leave the elevators on the 6th floor!

I do love a new bookshelf with some fun items on it…

These pieces of Wonder Woman and Superman wall art are definitely among my favorites!

Here’s a closeup of the pieces that make up the new art.

A triumphant Supes to encourage you throughout the day.

Check out this life-sized Clark Kent statue! Probably scribbling down tips from the latest news scoop. He kinda looks familiar though, doesn’t he…

More Funko statues! Just in time for Harley’s 30th.

This might be my favorite new piece. Love the neon accents!

And to round it all out, here’s today’s top score on the Hobbit pinball machine…:wink:

Have a great week, and thanks for joining this adventure through the DC Offices!

<3 Jitsu


This is really cool! It looks like a great place to work, and getting to see a giant Lego Batman every day would be fun. :slight_smile:


The Gotham chess set is 10/10


Oh wow. It looks so cool! I always wanted to work for DC Comics, but it would be even more cool in working in an office like that!


Being a @Moderators has got to be the best job, working with DC Comics. I’m really happy for you guys. Enjoy your new office. :grinning:


This is very very nice. Congrats!

Side note: Not a single glimpse of Supes? I would be putting something in the suggestion box if I worked there!


I was just thinking that. I also noticed a lack of a certain Amazon…


I forgot to include this pic! There are definitely a handful of pictures of Supes on various walls–but this one is my fave!


Sweet setup. I might actually enjoy going to work if it looked like that! :grinning:


It should be your fave! It’s Awesome!!!


Also, when Clark drops by, he has somewhere to change, should the need arise.


This is AWESOME! Thanks for these photos, @Jitsu! Such a cool look at the new office space for you guys. Man I am jealous!

As a pinball fan is that Hobbit machine free to play? If so I’d be there a lot!

Any chance we can get a closer photo of the Hero wall? I love that space but would like to see some of the figures on the wall a little better.

The space looks beautiful and very open, collaborative and yet private at the same time. I would LOVE going to work there and it would be like walking into a comic book every day. Enjoy and thanks again for the photos!


This is very awesome™:+1:


The new digs look great! There was so much press about “DC doesn’t have its own offices anymore” that I hope this gets some coverage.


Love getting this glimpse! Almost makes me want to change professions, almost.


Very spiffy new digs indeed! :+1: :00_dc_2016:


Here’s a closer look!



Alfred E. Newman being on there as Robin is excellent and I don’t know where the orange Batman is from but I love him!

Oh, and I spied some Hawks on there so I’m happy! :smile:


Someone help, I can’t close my mouth…

This place is literally so awesome!


Very cool digs! I’ll be there, one of these days. :superman_hv_3: