An unpopular opinion about Batman movies

The reason people think Batman is 2d is because that’s the only way he’s been portrayed in the movies aside from Michael Keaton’s portrayal, Batman has plenty of personality if he’s done properly which he hasn’t since Keaton. Even though Bale and Affleck did fine in the cape and cowl , it takes someone who has the understanding of the fact that Batman is still a human character with flaws and emotions, who can be sarcastic or brooding or even charismatic… not anyone can play Batman


One of the problems I see with Batman, in movies, is that we get very little of “The World’s Greatest Detective” and a whole lot of “Gotham’s Bat-furry Punching Stuff”. They’re way out of balance in my opinion. Add that to the perhaps troublesome issue of switching between Bruce and the Bat, and it isn’t a wonder to me, that some of these movies seem a bit flat. Full disclosure, I can’t stand the Snyder and Nolan movies, am not a fan of origin story movies, and really only have cared for Keaton as Batman.

So, I’m viewing the Pattinson casting with a fairly open mind, especially if we may be getting more “World’s Greatest Detective” and less emphasis on a pure punch’em-up Batman.


My only fear with casting Pattinson is let’s face it the man has a horrid American accent. He needs a voice coach if he is going to play a decent Batman.


Isn’t this a trend for EVERYONE who has been casted as a cinematic Batman? I think the only one who is exempt from that was Clooney because at the time he had ER clout (and we see how that worked out).

I honestly think people are afraid to give Pattinson a chance because they still feel that if you are supportive of his casting then that means you like him, also meaning you like Twilight. And I get it, we all want to distance ourselves as far as we can from that tragedy. But hey, so does Pattinson! He openly hates the franchise!

There’s still so little we know about the upcoming film so my opinion is we hold our reservations until villains are confirmed/casted. We do know that this won’t be another action packed cliche super hero movie and will lean more into a detective-crime-mystery type aesthetic. That alone has me hyped!

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