An Ode To The DC Universe News Section

Tomorrow DC Universe will transform into DC Universe Infinite, which is super exciting.

After the transformation, the news section will be moving over to DC Comics official website, and merging with their existing tab. Some of us have already been doing double duty, and if you check out my recent Steve Trevor article you’ll see the DC Comics news section will have the same flavor our DCU news section did.

On the eve of this transformation, I wrote this reflection on my personal Facebook page…

Today is the end of an era and the dawning of the new one for DC - and no, I’m not talking about Washington DC, I mean DC Universe! Tomorrow DC Universe transforms into DC Universe Infinite, and the news section will be merging with the one on DC Comic’s website (this must be confusing for someone who doesn’t know the difference).
The DCU news section was good to me, and gave me enough steady work to quit my overnight job. I did lots of deep dives, interviewed some great people, and covered some fun events. I’ll never forget the awesome feeling I had the first time I saw my name on an official DC news piece, and it really lifted my spirits after a long period of trauma. Freelancing for DC led to some great things, put me in touch with some awesome people, and gave me some fun experiences I’ll cherish forever.
It all began in September 2018, with my first published piece on the memory of Norm Breyfogle. My last DCU news section piece was a look at Batman: Year 100. It’s been quite a journey, and I’m proud to have been a part of something so great.
The party isn’t over for me, and I’ll be continuing my work for DC on their other DCComics news section, but as the DCU news section shuts their doors, I’m taking a moment to reflect and smile.


The news section of DCU has been a remarkable resource of knowledge, wisdom, and wit, and that is in large part due to your overwhelming contribution. I enjoyed reading your tribute, it brought back a lot of great memories. (And it was a real treat to hang out with you at cons!)
Here’s to many more excellent insights from JBL :clinking_glasses::heart:


Indeed! Our party isn’t ending, it’s just redecorating!

Hanging out with you in many interesting locales (from the WB lot to our fun NY clubhouse) was one of the cool things that never would’ve happened had it not been for the DCU news section. You were one of my first DCU friends, and I’m glad we’re continuing this journey together.



I auggested many times in Suggestions,
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Start Reading articles
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Get to Know
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I stole a lot of your
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Start Reading Batman

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You did a great job


An awesome™:+1: tribute and trip down memory lane. Nice to see the news is still coming just in a different spot​:sweat_smile:

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