An idea for Dan DiDio and all DC Comics brass

Maybe consider going back to newsprint paper for new and lesser selling issues. Only charge around $2.00 and in the long run this would save the company a ton of money and possibly attract many new readers. If a title under sells after X amount of issues then killing it won’t be as much of “a killer,” to the company. Also go court more advertisers. I don’t mind flipping through them/ checking them out. Anybody that does is a big baby and needs to get over it.

Just some thoughts from a loving, concerned fan.


You aren’t the first I’ve seen to suggest going back to newsprint. It might not be a bad idea, depending on how the ink holds up compressed and sealed in mylar in box for years (something that just now came to mind; I could be overthinking).

A better idea for Dan Didio is him stepping down and the DC brass replacing him with someone doesn’t hate half of their iconic characters.


@baseballmaniac01.45870 I was thinking of adding that to my post. I doubt we’re the only ones, though.

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I don’t think its as simple as just changing back to newsprint.