An Argument Only DC Can Settle

Yes, I know this is a long shot on par with getting struck by lightning, twice, after winning the lottery. I understand that actual writers, artists and editors probably never read these posts. However, it will take an authority From DC Comics or Warner to settle this argument because Both sides have cited non DC Owned sites that support their argument. So, in the unlikely event that such a person reads this and is willing to give a definitive answer … The question is: IS Superwoman in the “Crisis on Two Earths” video in Any way based on Mary Marvel?


I always figured Superwoman was, like in the comics, the Earth-3 Wonder Woman. I think the Marvels she has in the movie are her cappos; people that work for her. All the members of the Syndicate have them. And with this version of Superwoman seeming to enjoy dominating, I wouldn’t put it past her to have the Marvels draped in uniforms similar to hers rather than their own thing. It’s a power play.

As for where Mary Marvel is in this universe…given how Superwoman loves being in control, I’m willing to bet she killed Mary as a power play to show she’s the alpha.


Thank you, but Neither side of the argument requires opinions from other readers as to whether Superwoman is the evil doppelganger of Wonder Woman or Mary Marvel. One side is certain she is Mary Marvel and the other is just as certain she is Wonder Woman. Both sides are basing their conclusion on interviews with McDuffie that are no longer accessible and numerous sites that support one or the other in direct contradiction of each other. None of the sites are DC owned, however. Neither side will accept Anything less than a statement from someone From DC as Proof they are wrong. So As I Stated In My Original Post, as unlikely as it is I am hoping for a response from someone From DC Comics to respond because That is the Only thing that will settle the argument.

Rereading your origin post

You care about the video only 2010 Crisis on Two Earth

Writer is Duane McDuffie
Is the only one who knew and he is deceased

Attached is a link to an article on the video

It revealed that the video

Unlike most of the other
DCAU videos

Has ties to the original TV series

Which McDuffie was a leading contributor as writer and story editor

That is important

Because like the
Evil Justice Lords
In the series
Were direct counterparts
Except for Flash who was dead.

If McDuffie continued
With that idea in this video

Superwoman IS Wonder Woman counterpart.

She could be based on
(If she was Mary Marvel
Almost ALL stories
Involve defeating her
Through her saying the word Shazam
And It would be hard for
McDuffie to resist that

Instead of just engaging in a fist fight)

Another clue
Is the title

NOT Crisis on Earth 3
Because Earth 2 where JSA existed no longer

But Crisis on Two Earths

Which is a similar title
To the Grant Morrison Graphic Novel
Where Super Woman is Lois Lane

I thought I had solved your question

Here is my material on
The COMIC Wonder Woman

The problem is that
Superwoman of Earth 3
the writer wants her to be

She has been

Wonder Woman
Lois Lane
Donna Troy

Dwayne McDuffie says somewhere she was
Mary Marvel but the original discussion is lost

(That may be based on Earth 3 animated film
Where she has
Marvel Family members
As Lieutenants
DC Animation can not be considered canon
Since they differ so much than the comics often
Shazam instead of Aquaman
As original Justice League members)

If the first appearances of her in
Justice League of America 29
Written by Gardner Fox is the key

She sure looks like a
Counterpart to
Wonder Woman
Complete with


As for

Lois and Donna



There is no correct answer

She is not important enough
To get a consistent origin

Her origin is based on the whim of the writer

She is
Donna Troy

(Who currently has
No magic lasso in comics
But has one on HBO Max

Flies in current Titans United

Doesn’t on HBO Max)

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So…I’m confused. I wasn’t supposed to respond?

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Here is a McDuffie interview on the video

He only says Superwoman was a “blast to write.”

And Bruce Timms said it should be based on the
where Mary Marvel was
NEVER Superwoman

But his original script
Was to be a bridge between
The JL and JLU animated series
With only 6 members
Since Hawkgirl left in

I don’t think
Mary Marvel was in either series

So what I wrote may still apply

Here is where Mary Marvel is in the video

More on the controversy

It says Duffy said she was Mary Marvel in the extras on the CD

Does anybody have it?

Did she have heat vision as is claimed or is that only in Grant Morrison’s comic?

And there is where the problem lies. Every argument you made in favor of her being a Wonder Woman counterpart, including the article you quoted, has already been made. Meanwhile, those supporting the idea she is Mary Marvel cite the alleged interview on the extras that No One seems to be able to actually provide. And, there is an argument against the interview being valid because there is a headshot of ‘Mary Mayhem’ in the lower corner of the same screen when he says she is supposed to be a counterpart to Mary Marvel. So some allege that he was confused as to who he was talking about. Then there is another alleged interview (again one that can’t be found) where it is stated that ‘Mary Mayhem’ is Mary Marvel’s counterpart and Olympia (another figure argued to be a Wonder Woman counterpart) is the evil version of Troia (Wonder Girl, Donna).
As you said, it is up to the whim of the writer. Unless the Company says otherwise of course. The Company Always has the final word. If you can get them to say Anything that is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If you are an Editor, Writer or Artist employed by DC’s animated division with knowledge on This matter OR can provide contact to them, you are definitely supposed to respond. If not, then it IS a Public community board after all and “supposed to” has no real meaning. I am actually surprised that there haven’t been a ton of “You are wasting your time” or “You are an idiot if you think the professionals care and/or will respond” type of responses to my original post. I have to say the posters here are nicer than the ones where this argument took place.


“Did she have heat vision as is claimed or is that only in Grant Morrison’s comic?”

No heat vision in the movie. No lightning powers either, she just hovers while her 3 made men based on the Marvels strife the sky with lightning. Oddly, she does display super breath powers when she inhales the smoke from devices Batman sets off. Then she promptly collapses when it turns out to be knockout gas and not a smoke screen. Other than that one oddity, her powers are an intersection of Mary Marvel and WONDER Woman: super strength, flight, durability.

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Thankfully these boards are good and a lot of people wouldn’t do that. I hope you’re able to find the answers you’re looking for :slightly_smiling_face: