Amethyst is the best new title you're probably ignoring

The new Amethyst title by Amy Reeder in the Wonder Comics imprint is a truly great book. I don’t see much buzz about it. It’s too recent to be up as part of DCU, but it is totally worth seeking out and buying on its own, whether print or digital.

Do yourself a favor. It is easily one of the best books DC is putting out right now.


Couldn’t agree more. Amethyst is by far DC:s best title at the moment. Buy buy buy!


I’ve been interested in checking out Amethyst after hearing a bit about it. I read an excerpt of both first issues - 2020 and 1985. Here is my cursory review.

Amethyst (2020)

Amy is cold towards her Earth parents and has a negative inner monologue right out the gate. What is this teaching?! Be grateful.

Upon her first arrival in Gemworld and after no investigation on her part, she expects Lady Turquoise to offer up her kingdom’s citizens to solve a problem that hasn’t even fully been understood. She is so entitled and accusatory. It’s no wonder everyone is so confused.

I don’t like the messages in this comic at all. The main character is whiny and unlikeable. The art is also arguably too sugary - a stark contrast to the tone of the “story”.

Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld (1985)

This comic series kicks off with Amethyst in a classic action pose, providing the reader a few key details to set the scene.

They seem to do a good job of showcasing the world and all of the players we will need to know. It tells more of a story and allows Amethyst’s actions to speak loud and clear.

Overall, I don’t like Princess Amethyst. But if I were to choose, I would definitely read the older comics.

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Dude, it’s literally the first issue- passing judgement at this point is ridiculous. In fact, I would say you can’t, because you literally don’t know enough to review it, as the series has yet to finish. However, to combat some of your points, I’ll say the following:

  1. Amy is never outright rude to her parents- she thinks they are kind of embarrassing, but what sixteen year old doesn’t? However, she still thanks them and loves them, as is present in her interior monologue.

  2. She’s a flawed character- as basically all compelling characters are. At no point has the comic ever held her behavior up as a good model- it’s clearly setting up a character arc for her.

  3. Not every series marketing to “young girls” needs to have a perfect protagonist Frankly, that’s boring, restrictive, and only leads to authors being afraid of tackling difficult topics. Also, this expectation that characters appealing to young girls must be perfect is actually downright harmful to young girls, for a variety of reasons I don’t quite feel like going into right now.

  4. Amethyst isn’t sending a ‘message’ in its first issue, because that’s the equivalent of judging a books ‘message’ off it’s first chapter- you have no idea where it’s going with it until you read the rest.

  5. This is repetitive, but Amy has character flaws because it’s setting up her arc. This is just basic storytelling right here- introduce problem->character deals with problem->situation improves- just replace problem with ‘negative trait’ and situation with ‘character’ and there you go.

  6. This one is pedantic, but the arts sugary because it’s providing a contrast to the story. It’s purposeful.

So yeah, Amy is a brat. Yeah, she’s entitled and accusatory, because it’s setting up the story. She’s flawed, and that’s great! Those flaws are clearly going to be dealt with- I mean she was already shot down by Turquoise as a response to one.


I personally don’t think she is flawed. Crystal magic in the real world is the domain of charlatans. I have relatives working in that domain and domains close to it and them believing the quackery themselves doesn’t make it better. They are selling products to people in need, and giving them false hopes and treatments that are potentially luring them from proper actions. Amethyst being embarassed about the gift is a sign of critical thinking. I know from experience the harsh balance of trying to keep good relations with relatives while also wanting them to do no harm with their beliefs. There isn’t a win-win way here and I think she does what most people would do in this situation and choose to keep her own critical thinking while looking past it to see the intention of love in the gift.

I also think she does what most country leaders do, and expect help from their neighbours in a time of crisis. Going to the people when the ruler fails and rallying them is also a sign of a leader.

None of those qualities speak against her in my mind. She is a child monarch. She needs to carry the weight of an adult mantle and that makes for jarring imagery that collides with our minds expectations.

But at her core she is everything a hero should be, caring and passionate. She is a changemaker for good.

I also love the original Amethyst, but I think that this interpretation of her is absolutely great.

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I respect your reply @Coville. We may not agree on things, but I now understand a bit better why it resonates with you and relates to your personal life. Thank you for taking the time to politely discuss against my initial thoughts on the comic.

Since my kids got to enjoy Steven Universe and the new She-Ra netflix series, this seemed right up their ally. Even if I do have pre-teen/early teen boys, they both so far have enjoyed the first two issues. I haven’t quite figured out yet how this story relates to the one in Wonder Comic’s Young Justice.

If this is a prequel, then crap, we know this doesn’t end well. If it’s after Young Justice, then I’m just as confused why hasn’t Amy pondered how to get that team’s help.

I will be frank, I’ve enjoyed Amethyst just as much as I have Naomi. I do not like the current Young Justice because they’re spending all of this time trying to build up a team of EVERY POSSIBLE CHARACTER EVER. I need to go back and pick up Wonder Twins and Dial H so I can’t say it’s a brand thing. All that to say, we have a clear villain and motive, so it’ll keep getting my money for the moment.

I love Amethyst and those '80s issues are great! I hope we get the third '80s mini series added soon too. Once this new series hits DCU I’ll happily read it, Amy’s one of my favorite characters, so interesting and unique! I reall wish DC would put her in some live action adaptations, maybe even her own series.