American Vampire 1976 # 1 (10/06/2020)

10/06/2020 American Vampire

America is broken. Trust between the government and the American public has crumbled. Paranoia reigns supreme.

It’s 1976, and this is the concluding chapter of the Eisner Award-winning American Vampire!

Skinner Sweet has exhausted all efforts to regain his lost immortality. With his powers and purpose gone, he is now determined to go out with a bang. At a seedy motorcycle rally in the desert where he’s closer than ever to his death wish, Pearl Jones and a shocking partner tracks him down for one last, desperate mission: The force known as the Gray Trader and its minions are tunneling through the bowels of the world to unleash hell on Earth—just in time for America’s bicentennial. With catastrophe looming, it’s up to Skinner and Pearl to reconcile and change the course of history—or die trying.

The series that launched the careers of superstars Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque returns for nine final issues and the closing chapter of the legacy of American Vampire.

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I’m so excited it’s back, even if it’s the final story in the series. American Vampire has been a thrill to read since the first issue.

It’ll be nice to see Skinner again.

I’ve never read any of this before. From what I’ve looked up and listened to, it looks like it’ll be fun.


I just started this today and have never read any of the American Vampire series before now. I feel like I’m walking in on the last 20 minutes of a movie but I enjoyed book #1 even if I didn’t know the history of any of the characters or their relationship to each other. I may stop now, after one issue, and try to read the back issues before I continue with this. Kind of like a movie starting with a scene and then going back to explain how they got to that point.

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I’d HIGHLY recommend reading the entire series. What Snyder does with characters and how he played the long game to get to the 1976 series is outstanding…also, they’re really good stories, too.

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Will do - thanks! Looking forward to reading it all and getting caught up. Snyder is a great writer so I’m sure I’m in for a ride and I’m VERY intrigued by Stephen King’s involvement in the first five books!

You’re in for a fantastic ride!

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