Ambush Bug is Coming To DCU!

My appologies if there is a thread about the comics coming to the archive this Tuesday, but I couldn’t find one and was too excited not to post this.

On the 6th Comixology added their latest archived past comics issues… And AMBUSH BUG #1 WAS ONE OF THEM! And given that stuff comes to DCU, usually the following Tuesday it measn Ambush Bug’s first mini-series will be on DCU likely as soon as early next week!

Seriously I have waited for this one for a while, but didn’t dare assume it would be archived soon… if ever. But the best of Ambush Bug’s mini-series is coming. And can only assume the other issues are on their way.

So happy.

Incidentally looks like a good update all around. 2 more issues of Batman Family (an excellent and I mean excellent Bronze Age anthology series that is looking more and more may be complete before much longer), the first issue of Deaman’s 1986 mini-series, Detective Comics is still being archived with another Silver Age issue, The first issue of the 2004 Doom Patrol book, The first three issues of Total Justice, and Hourman and Lois Lane continue to be archived.

I can’t wait for Tuesday, yeah it is possible not all of it will drop that week, but definitely some good reads coming… plus… AMBUSH BUG!


I saw that too, and was very pleasantly surprised! I’m hopeful all of Mr. Schwab’s titular adventures end up here eventually.

I’m excited for Total Justice and more Hourman. I bought TJ at Comixology, but it will still be fun to read here as well.

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biff_pow will issue a prepared statement at the appropriate time.


@biff_pow Thanks for stating it would be released at an appropriate time.

I mean, we wouldn’t want it to drop on us like an ambush, right out of the blue, y’dig?

Fun Fact: Ambush is the codename of a G.I. Joe operative.

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You get a :100: on sheer enthusiasm alone.

I’m glad Ambush Bug will be seen by more people.


Oh… and I forgot…

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Now, if we could just get the rest of Justice League Europe…


Don’t hold your breath on Justice League Europe.



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Why not hold my breath on Justice League Europe, @DanTheManOne1?

I think JLE will come eventually.
They’ll want to complete Breakdowns and Teasdale Imperitive, and the rest of the Extremists story.
After that, there won’t be as much left to digitize from the first three years.

As for #37-up… those aren’t necessary to have. The book really ended with #36.
In my opinion, obviously.


Ambush Bug was a great series. It must have been even better at the time when you were up close and personal with the comics and comic tropes Ambush Bug was riffing on.

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I still chuckle when I think of how hilariously goofy Ambush Bug was in DC Comics Presents.

Good lord that was funny!


@Vroom What did I tell everyone Vroom. Check out the Legion of Substitute Heroes issue of DC Comics PResents also… Ambush Bug is the villain in it and it is almost as funny as that one.

And also… AMBUSH BUG #1 is here! Everyone read it… EVERYONE!

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@DTMO Done and done on that recommendation good sir! You’ve my thanks for the hilarity in advance :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t it be something if his exposure on the DCUniverse service ends up giving rise to an era of Ambush Bug reclaiming his throne from The Tick, Harley Quinn, Deadpool and Lobo?

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Legion of Superheroes and Legion of substitute heroes in DC presents filed for a rainy day

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I’d love to see Ambush Bug team-up with Lobo.

AB: "Lobo, the Main Man! This team-up will be so cool!

Lobo: “Shaddup Bug.”

AB: “You want to drive around in my golf cart?”

Lobo: “Frack yeah!”

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