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Happy Thanksgiving! :turkey: :heavy_heart_exclamation: Thanks for all the links.

Yeah, I don’t accept this news. :face_with_peeking_eye: I want Chris Pine back, and Gal.


It’s only a partial reboot. That’s literally the perfect opportunity to keep Gal AND bring Chris back as Steve without needing an explanation for why he’s alive!


Agree. :wonderwoman: I don’t see a reason to completely replace certain actors who have been so good in their roles when we have a multiverse.


I’ve been seeing some less than pleasing rumors. This is reassuring. :grinning: Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone as well! I hope you all have a wonderful day.


What’s hard is that, I don’t think I can accept another actor as WW. Gal Gadot was perfectly cast.


Even with Batman and Superman getting recast, the DCU needs Gal to stay as Wonder Woman.


I confess, hard disagree. If anything we NEED a new actress to play Wonder Woman. We need to show its not a ‘only Gal Gadot can be Wonder Woman.’ ANY Woman can be a Wonder Woman.

Plus it will be easier to sell a new origin


I agree with both sides. Here is my solution:

  1. Gal Gadot continues to make WW movies (good ones please).

  2. Hire a young actress to play Wonder Tot. Make the Wonder Tot trilogy.

  3. As the actress becomes a teenager, make the Wonder Girl trilogy.

  4. Make an Impossible tales trilogy using both actresses (I just like trilogies I guess).

  5. When the young actress is old enough to play WW, slide Gal over to pre-crisis Earth 2 WW who married Steve Trevor (played again by Chris Pine) for an amazing crossover.

  6. Continue to make amazing movies in this manner forever.

Sometimes my brilliance amazes even me. :laughing:


I love this!!!


I mean, I loved the Lynda Carter and Susan Eisenberg versions of Wonder Woman when I was growing up. Gal Gadot’s version never made me like them any less. But the DCU is not a hard reboot and it’s basically keeping the parts of the DCEU that worked. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is one of the most definitively PERFECT parts of the DCEU so I think she needs to stay.

Not saying another actress can’t play Wonder Woman after her someday, but Gal should stay for the foreseeable future. I mean, on top of everything else, she LOVES playing Wonder Woman, so it’s not like she’d need to be convinced to come back to the role.


If it were up to me, we’d not only keep Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman but we’d also get Donna Troy in her next movie and then Cassie Sandsmark later on. Eventually, the whole Wonder Family of Diana, Donna, Cassie, Nubia, Artemis, Yara, etc. would be together on screen! :grin: :00_wonder_woman_stars:



At the risk of being verbally attacked by the group…I think it’s for the best that they recast Wonder Woman. Please keep in mind that I still like Gal as the character. But I’m also seeing this from a big universe perspective and trying to establish that the Gunn DCU is separate from the old DCEU. They already had it tough dealing with the Black Adam using Henry Cavill debacle (I won’t go into details) which should show they are going for a brand new start


I mean, I think “keeping the parts that worked” is hella subjective, but putting that aside, from what we’ve seen, I feel like it’s probably more likely to be a hard reboot now that I was before, say, The Flash. Gunn said that movie would help set up his universe going forward, and one of the things that the movie establishes is that in an infinite multiverse, some people can look different, and some can look the same.

So the vibe I’m getting with the actors he’s brought back so far is that they’re either largely disconnected from the DCEU and can fit in anywhere (like Blue Beetle), or they’re just playing different versions of the character that isn’t really connected to the other big characters (Amanda Waller).

The only real weird disconnect we got right now is the Justice League cameo at the end of Peacemaker, but that can be brushed away fairly easily.

So I think even if Gal Gadot comes back, she’ll likely not be the same Wonder Woman we saw in the DCEU. I’ll personally be fine with that if that’s the case, but after losing the previous Superman and Batman, I won’t be that stunned if they got a new Wonder Woman as well; and I’ll give that new actress a decent shake like I did with Gal.


No need to worry about that! We should all be respecting each other’s opinions, whether or not we agree with them. Some of us may want Gal to stay as Wonder Woman and some of us may want a recast, but that’s not something to verbally attack anyone over.


Agreed. There are no set rules for who should stay and who should be recast and why. It’s just kind of whoever Gunn and Safran want. That works as much in favor of Gal staying as it does in favor of a recast.

If they’re not recasting Waller (who interacted with Batfleck) and if Peacemaker is mostly part of the DCU, I still think that’s pretty neutral as far as Gal staying or getting recast. It could work either way.

Honestly, I’d be okay with this. Gal Gadot herself is just too perfect as Wonder Woman to recast any time soon IMO and a new universe means she can get a new history that vaguely acknowledges parts of the DCEU solo movies. We can get Steve Trevor alive again and not need to explain why. We can have Wonder Woman in the modern day as an established hero! I think it’d work! :grin:


Found this on Pinterest. Love it!


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