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Not the best source, but if true, that’s interesting. I wonder if she might play a role in future DCU projects – the Amazons series comes immediately to mind…


I’m excited they’re moving forward with the show. :grinning: I still hope we get Gal back for one more Wonder Woman movie as well.


That cover just screams “vague bondage influence”


My brother in Olympus, this is Wonder Woman. None of the bondage influences are vague. :joy:


Let’s just say that I was…engaged with Circe’s introduction


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Oh, here- found this for ya’




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They are sooo adorable. :purple_heart:


Who here has read “The True Amazon” by Jill Thompson?


@EDT I have. It’s not bad. There’s a change to her story that I had a hard time with—kind of defies the core of the character :wondersquadron1: :purple_heart: but a decent read.

Ps, everybody: Here’s a variant I saw the other day. Plz enjoy.


It’s been a minute since I read that one, but I think I know what you’re talking about. It’s definitely a twist on what we normally see with Diana, but not that completely out of the realm of possibility – and I think the creators knows it’s different enough that the story is about sort of bringing her back to what we know.


Oh a top ten of favorite Wonder Woman stories sounds like fun
Hmm…For me…

10: Wonder Woman: Amazon Historia
A story that is way way waaaay darker than my usual cup of tea. It won me over with its suburb artwork and the determination to tell a story which id quite probably see nowhere else. The only detraction for it I have aside from it being far more gruesome than my usual fare, is that I really want to see this become the nine parter it was intended to be.

9: JLA: A League of One
A story in which Diana discovers a prophecy that the Justice League is doomed to perish fighting the draconic embodiment of greed and thus chooses to incapacitate her friends and allies so she might face it alone. Choosing to sacrifice herself for those she cares about.

8: Wonder Woman (Volume 1) #291-#293 Adjudicator arc
Diana taking on a crisis of infinite proportions as the Earth is to be judged by the Adjudicator. An all powerful cosmic being who judges every iteration of a planet across infinite universes, adjudicating whether it deserves to exist and should it be deemed unworthy…Erasing every version of said world across all the multiverse so it never existed.
This story had Wonder Woman forming a team spanning multiple worlds to combat this wicked foe~!

7: Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #164-167 Gods of Gotham
The children of Ares rerisen, possessing the bodies of Batmans greatest villains as they seek to transform the city of Gotham into a temple dedicated to them and their father!
A neat little storyline that has Diana, Donna, Cassie,and Artemis team up to save the day alongside some less interesting characters.

6: Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #66-#71 Space Pirate Captain Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman stranded in space, discovers and is captured by an evil space empire. Thus naturally she will fight for her freedom, fight for the oppressed, and proceed to rip the entire foundations of that empire apart for the betterment of all! As a mighty pirate of the seven spaceways~

5: Nubia and the Amazons
Nubia has always been a favorite character of mine, so seeing a story give her a more central role and show what shes like as a character while establishing how she differs from Diana was nice to see.
It gave the Amazons some sweet world building, the art was pretty, and Nubia got a girlfriend~

4: Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #51 52nd visit
A short and sweet story told in a single issue. This is told from the perspective of Diana visiting one of her villains regularly while they are in prison, making an effort to reach out to them and help them realize a better path forward. Rarely does a writer nail Dianas empathy and ability to turn foes to friends, and I will forever point to this issue as something I want people to take notes from.

3: Wonder Woman: Warbringer
A story in which Diana must make a difficult choice between saving her fellow Amazons or saving an innocent girl who will doom the world…And the lengths she will go and sacrifices she is willing to make to ensure no one is sacrificed for the greater good.

2: Legend of Wonder Woman (2016)
A delightful and whimsical throwback to the golden age of Wonder Woman with a generous dollop of movie inspired shennanigans thrown in for delightful good measure. It has Etta Candy as Dianas trusty sidekick and together they are going to save the world!
I will forever lament that this fascinating story never got followed up. It was a treasure.

1: Diana Princess of the Amazons/Diana and Nubia princesses of the Amazons
A pair of fun books meant for younger audiences about the princess of the Amazons and the wild adventures she would get into while on the island~
I found them both to be simply precious and I especially love the second book and the gladiatorial sibling dynamic Nubia and Diana have in it.


Toughie…An amazing question though while I cite Wonder Woman and the Amazons as my favorite heroes…Id probably have to say none of them?

I just couldn’t pick a tribe that lives somewhere without snow. Id melt. ^_^;


Heads up y’all:

McFarlane’s standard WW coming soon. :smiley:

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Also- this is one of the bestest pictures of Diana OAT

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