Amazon Headquarters

Ps. Anyone planning on checking this one out? :eyes: There will be a thread for it 7/19. Just fyi.


-raises hand- Yup~ Im 100% planning to get it when it comes out~
Im fairly sure I know the motive, though im curious how this book will handle things


That is one sweet collection!

What is the one where she is all in white at the center?


What an amazing collection! I admit I’m a bit envious that you can display them that way. My cat would knock all of those over like dominoes with a single flying leap. :joy_cat:

I didn’t realize they’d made a set with Max Lord from Wonder Woman’s OMAC storyline! That’s pretty awesome. :star_struck:


Bekka it’s a combo of her & Big Barda from Gods & Monsters. Amazing comic & movie. I highly recommend both. The comics a little better imho. But, 10/10 on both …


Watched it closely on Amazon for years. It finally dipped & I grabbed it instantly lol. It’s was around $100 plus. Don’t be envious. I play pick up the characters & knock 10 more over every other day. I spent over an hr shooting those. All b/c when I put my phone in to try to just shoot the WW’s instead of whole shelf…I’d bump one & u know the game :joy:. Supergirl is the toughest. She’s solid once u get her exactly perfect. But, u have to let go to see if it’s right? It was like an hr + her falling & taking out my Catwoman next to her & the bottom shelf like 4xs. That bottom shelf on that side is a disaster if anything touches it. My niece brought her dogs with her whenever she visits. She said they won’t do anything. So I let em in. 1st ones tail wiped out an entire shelf- Bull Mastiff. 2nd one-Blue Heeler, sniffed another one at same time & took out another one. I was like …ok that’ll do pig lol. Then my friend has a dog- Boarder Collie- named Robin Knight. Has a tag that says return to Batman if found with his address lol. He said the same. Walked straight over & nailed em. I was like…well…no pets for me. I’m getting another Yorkie soon tho…? It’s been a while & I’ve had 4. Their so cute. Look like gizmo from Gremlins. I’ll train it to stay away, hopefully :pray:


Im having some bad luck hunting down the identities of a couple of olde Wonder Woman issues with some great Hippolyta moments. The down side of lots to sort through. XD

One issue is a golden ager wherin Wonder Woman is doomed to die, leading to Hippolyta leaving the island to best Diana and take her place as Wonder Woman so she may die in her place.

And the other a silver age tale that established Hippolyta to have been Wonder Woman before Diana, showing a scene with her in space above the Earth in a Wonder Woman outfit, wielding a sword and shield in battle against a kaiju alien whose come to conquer the Earth.

What are some other really good Hippolyta moments…


When she called her own daughter “Wonder Tot”:

When regular red alert just wasn’t enough:

Also, I was always impressed with her Amazon Satellite Initiative to keep the skies safe.

When she couldn’t figure out why her daughter was sad:

When she walked by a small tree and got inexplicably caught up in it:

When she and Diana were out in space standing on the wings of their spacecraft to fight aliens.

Okay, I guess my favorite moments were the funny ones. :laughing:


Hi Everyone! Happy Friday! :tada:

Quick announcement that we have an Artemis:Wanted thread for anyone who’ll be checking it out when it drops next week! :purple_heart:


In retrospect, quite a few of Wonder Womans villains have a thing for wanting to be Wonder Woman, huh


Can you blame them?


Not in the least. XD
But off the top of my head, villains wanting to be Wonder Woman and dressing up as her includes:
Hypnotic Woman
Doctor Psycho
Priscilla Rich Cheetah
Barbara Minerva Cheetah
Astarte, Empress of the Silver Snake
Doctor Cyber
Duke of Deception
Vanessa Kapatelis Silver Swan


Injustice Wonder Woman
Superwoman (Earth-3)


Im trying to recall all the different animals living on the Island.
Like I recall Saddle Rabbits

Boxing Kittens

Sky Kanga
jumpa 2

Tolkienian eagles


What are some animals im missing…


Oh and Sea skipping steeds

Water walking horses are fun horses


In Diana: Princess of the Amazons, they have cheetahs on Themyscira! (Real ones, not cursed werepeople.)

And in the 2017 movie, there was an armadillo during the first few moments on Themyscira that we all got rather excited about in the recent watchalong. :sweat_smile:


When I started reading Vixen NYC on Webtoon, I wasn’t expecting to also be treated to surprise Amazonian awesomeness on an almost weekly basis. There are many reasons to recommend this comic, but if you read it for no other reason, read it for Grace Choi.

You are a delight, Grace, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. :rofl:


Out of curiosity, outside of Amazons Attack has there ever been an exploration of Grace having a connection to the Ban Mighdall? Im unsure if its ever really been played with


Not that I know of? Although while I’d love to see Grace involved in some Amazon-centered stories, she doesn’t strike me as the type to really care too much about her heritage. She’s made her own life for herself and she doesn’t look back. But she certainly has Amazon-enhanced powers!


True enough!
…Id love to see her just spend a bit bouncing off of Artemis though. XD
It would either go really well or really entertainingly badly. XD