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Name: Mother Juju
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #277 (1980)
Creators: Gerry Conway and Jose Delbo
Abilities: Telepathy. Incredible magical ability. A wealth of knowledge.

Backstory: Over a century old. Mother Juju was a mysterious expert on magic based out of Washington DC. Known to the upper echelons of the intelligence bureau who would seek her out for answers to problems of an extra normal nature, Mother Juju would help those in need.

Diana running into supernatural problems of her own would eventually cross paths with Mother Juju who already knew of Dianas identity as Wonder Woman before she even arrived.

Happy to aid Diana no matter the troubles she was having and refusing any offer of payment, Mother Juju was happy to aid Diana in keeping the world safe from evil.

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Name: Professor Homos
First Appearance: Sensation Comics #39 (1945)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Renowned mind in the field of anthropology. Keen student in the field of physiology. College tenure. Fluent in latin.

Backstory: Holliday college professor and teacher of anthropology. Professor Homos was a renouned mind in his field who would seek out new and fascinating life. His focus being on the study of the men in different cultures.

Relied upon as a consultant by the United States government, Professor Homos would often travel to conduct studies in far off places, eager for the chance to make daring new discoveries and great scientific finds.

The Holliday girls always enjoying the chance for a new adventure, would join Professor Homos on his expeditions as his assistants, eager to join Professor Homos in his search for fascinating men.

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damn skippy!


Name: Genro Genie
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #126 (1961)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Flight, immortality, incredible magical powers

Backstory: Ancient genie who has existed for several thousand years. Genro possessed incredible magical powers so long as he wore his turban, but would lose those abilities should his turban ever be removed.

The perpetually giant Genro Genie would be locked away in a treasure chest three thousand years prior by an unknown evil genie. Cursed to suffer in solitude for millenia in the ocean until being discovered and freed by Wonder Tot.

The genie both afraid of leaving the island which was in the same region as Paradise Island for fear of being found by his enemy who would imprison him once more while also suffering from a severe fear of being alone, would remain where he was freed.

Owing his freedom to the young Amazonette, Genro Genie would take the tot on many adventure on Wonder Tots request. Journeying into outer space and seeking out monsters within the surrounding seas.

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Name: Ronno the Merboy
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #107 (1959)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Can breath underwater. Can swim at incredible speeds. Capable of leaping into the air like a flying fish. Surfing. Possession of a magic flute which attracts sea monsters.

Backstory: Born in ‘merman world’ a secret realm accessible only through a passage hidden within a giant clam. Ronno the Merboy would often roam the oceans surrounding that secret entrance. A region which included Paradise Island.

Befriending Wonder Girl and falling madly in love with her, Ronno would devote a sizable amount of his free time day dreaming about her, obsessing over her, and trying to win her affections.

Be it taking her dancing or attempting to shower her with music and presents. Ronno would seek to monopolize as much of Wonder Girls time as he possibly could manage.

Constantly putting himself into danger in his efforts to get her attention. Ronno bordered on nuisance, but his obsessive courting of her would not be stopped.

Has two other siblings known as ‘Manno the Merman’ and ‘Mer-Tot’ respectively who similarly sought Wonder Woman and Wonder Tot.

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Just wanted to add to this, originally the merboy, merman, and mertots like the different Wonders (woman, girl, and tot) were all one person until Kanigher later retconned otherwise because Teen Titans


When I first read through those issues I had to laugh at the absolute lack of consistency. Once the first impossible issue hit, continuity went out the door. Every issue was just another wild ride. It’s part of the charm of reading them.


Very true~ The era was pretty wild, though lacking painfully in continuity and consistency, it made for some fair variety.

Favorite panels of mine from that era include…


Name: Professor Chemico
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #20 (1946)
Creators: H.G Peter and Joye Hummel
Abilities: Greatest mind in the field of chemistry. Expert Egyptologist. Brilliant engineer. Master physicist. Talented climatologist. Skilled inventor.

Backstory: One of the most brilliant scientific minds in the world. Professor Chemico was considered the greatest chemist in the world. With numerous other scientific fields being well within his wheel house.

A benign scientist with ambitions to better the world through his scientific invention. Professor Chemico was continuously inventing things like a long long lasting energy source, weather machines, and other such wonders.

However while Professor Chemico strives to better the world through through his scientific endeavors, he would not always look at the whole picture when barreling ahead, often bringing about unintended consequences with his efforts.

Were that not enough, Professor Chemico while knowing dozens of ways to better the world, knew hundreds of ways of ending it. With numerous methods of bringing about the end of the world such as a formula which would cause all of the worlds oxygen to ignite in an instant.

The good doctor striving to better the world would strive to maintain self control to keep himself from falling into the perilous mindset that is mad science.

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Great stuff here! That was actually a pretty good plot line.

I put all of my favorite panels in this thread. There are a lot of them!


From the upcoming Multiversus game:

So Diana will be a tank…who can also throw tanks? :grin:


I will try this game for sure since she is in it. I don’t tend to like “team” fighting games since I will have to choose 2+ mains rather than just one (obviously Wonder Woman would be my one). I also have a dim view of “free-to-play” games since in reality they are usually free-to-start, pay-for-the-full-experience.

Still, it has Diana, so I’ll give it a shot. :00_wonder_woman_gold: :video_game:


ah, i didnt know there was a thread for that sort of thing :o


I have been bingeing this youtube channel called batinthesun that has live action battles between comic characters. This one is by far my favorite: Wonder Woman versus Wolverine.

Basically, they start by interviewing people at a comic con as to who would win the fight, then the voting tally determines the outcome. In this case, it was so close that they filmed an alternate ending so that there is a video where each character wins.

Original ending: WONDER WOMAN vs WOLVERINE - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 20) - YouTube

Alternate ending: WONDER WOMAN vs WOLVERINE - ALTERNATE ENDING - Super Power Beat Down - YouTube

Who wins in each video: Wonder Woman wins the first one, Wolverine wins the alternate one.

Warning: Violence, blood, death.

The second one also has an extended intro scene and is worth watching for that.

The actress who plays Wonder Woman is fantastic. It is hard to believe that a youtube channel was able to put these together.


Name: Camille Sly
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #73 (1993)
Creators: William Messner-Loebs and Lee Modder
Abilities: Talented actress. Frighteningly good sword fighter. The proportionate mercantile skills of a landlord with a twenty four room manor.

Backstory: Century old star of the silver screen. Camille Sly was a big name back in the silent film era of cinema. A talented actress with body language who did her own stunts. She was a marvel with swordplay who could cover great leaps, backflip upon chandeliers and display feats unrivaled in film.

However when the silent era fell to the introduction of sound in moving pictures, Camille Sly fell with it. Having amassed a hefty fortune from her glory days, Camille purchased a twenty four room manor in the ritzy part of Boston where she would quietly live for the next several decades.

However by the 90s Camilles fortunes would dry up. With no new revenue coming her way. Having fell out of contact with the outside world and all of her friends having passed away, Camille was alone in what had become one of the poor and crime ridden areas of the city.

Noting how the surrounding buildings were apartment complexes, Camille touched upon an idea and opened her home for rent. With twenty rooms, she would rent out a room per tennant. Fully furnished. Shared access of the kitchen for everyone. She would have a home filled with people to socialize with and make enough money to continue affording the place to boot.

But while Camille has grown older she has not lost her touch. For should anyone try messing with the tennants of that old manor house, they would answer to her.

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Name: Sojourner
First Appearance: Artemis Requiem
Creators: William Messner-Loebs and Ed Benes
Abilities: Police training. Combat training. Artemis training. Gun haver.

Backstory: Real name Henrietta Sojourner Jessup, ‘Hank Jessup’ was a woman who aspired to join the police force and make a positive difference in the world.

After helping to stop a group of neo nazis who were robbing graveyards as part of a demonic summoning ritual, Hank Jessup would lose her job, only to be offered the chance to become an Amazon by Artemis who saw her for who she was.

Taking on the moniker of ‘Sojourner’ after Sojourner Truth the abolotionist. Hank Jessup would be trained in the ways of the Amazons of Bana Mighdall. Training under Artemis and standing by her side as they charge into battle.

Sojourner would join the ‘Hellenders’ alongside Artemis. A group of demon exterminators who seemingly had no dark secrets in their organization. Receiving further training along with fancy new weapons while with them.

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I was watching a demo on this w/ Wonder Woman last week! She looks like she’s going to be a really fun character in gameplay. :crossed_swords: :purple_heart: :wondersquadron1:


How much is the magic lasso incorporated into her moveset?


Ooo- I just watched this one. It’s super good!

Sasha W. = :raised_hands:


Name: Artemis
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #90 (1994)
Creators: William Messner-Loebs and Mike Deodato
Abilities: Amazonian super strength. Matchless archery skills. Peerless combat trainer. Enchanted hair which can never be damaged or dirtied. Possesses the sandals of Hermes granting flight, the gauntlets of Atlas granting X10 strength, the Bow of Ra which can fire bursts of sunlight, A rocket launcher, The magic lasso of Earth-3, a ten foot long claymore, a ten foot long bow, and a soul bound enchanted ten foot long axe named Mistress which always returns to her hand.

Backstory: Amazon of Ban-Mighdall. Artemis was a child when her people invaded the island of Themyscira and even then had spoken out against it, declaring Amazons should not fight one another.

A very martial figure with a strict code of honor, Artemis spent ten years battling demons in hell, growing up on the battlefield fighting for her life as those as close to her as family died alongside her. Treasuring her comrades and sparing no hesitation to bring death upon her enemies.

Her youth shaping her, Artemis would dedicate herself to the safty and well being of her people. Striving to ensure the Bana-Mighdall prospered and willing to do anything she could to achieve that. Even if it meant becoming Themysciras Wonder Woman or the Banas Shim’Tar.

Well regarded and respected for her prowess in battle, people would take pride in having been trained by Artemis regardless of the torture that this involved for people.

Though brash, arrogant, obnoxious, and overall possessing the qualities of a huge jerk, Artemis swore to aid those in need and protect the helpless.

In the Rebirth continuity, Artemis had been raised amongst the Bana in peaceful solitude. Choosing to leave the tribe and explore the world after the title of Shim’Tar was passed on to Akila instead of her, leading Artemis to travel the world in order to find her true purpose in life.

During which she would become a mercenary for hire, working for anyone with the right amount of money or having a cause worth championing. Along the way aquiring an axe by the name of ‘Mistress’ which was tied to her very soul.

Eventually returning to the Bana and becoming the Shim’Tar, the champion of the Bana-Mighdall, Artemis would fight to defend her people.

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