amazing additions

this is probably one of the best comic book additions youve guys done new 52 batman, booster gold, green lantern titans and then more action comics “heck yeah” go dc starting to love the app more and more every update


I saw all kinds of good stuff. More Superman comics, more Batman comics including the first appearance of Harley Quinn among a LOT of others. they now have the complete 2013 Harley Quinn, Invasion, The original Black Lighting book, Flashpoint… so much good stuff I don’t know where to start…

Well I do… with Harley Quinn… but after that I don’t know. lol.

Grat job guys.

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and also infinte crisis and identity crisis hats off to you dc

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Yeah Identity Crisis is an amazing read. I missed out when it was up temporarily. Glad to see it is back.

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Although hate to be “that guy” and it is great that Supergirl has a better selection of comics on here finally… but the 2005 series is missing #11. It goes from issues 10 to issue 12.

Thanks for the goodies DCU!!! You rock =)

P.S. : any chance of Divine Right popping up in the next batch o’ books?

P.P.S: you rock =)

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I just posted a more complete list of the over 750 comics

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