Amalgam Ideas

So it’s been 23 years since the events of Marvel v. DC created Amalgam Comics. With a whole new generation of heroes and villains, I’d love to hear some of your ideas on some new mixtures!

Some of mine are still from the original, but they are perfect:
Creeper + Deadpool = (gimme a name)
Anarky + Flag Smasher =
Batman + Moon Knight = Dark Knight
Etrigan + Ghost Rider = The Demon
Amazo + Adaptoid = Amazoid
Zatanna + Scarlet Witch = The Scarlet Sorceress
Green Arrow + Hawkeye = Arrow
Deathstroke + Taskmaster = Deathstroke, the Taskmaster
Black Canary + Mockingbird = nightingale
Damage + Hulk = Rage
Wonder Woman + Thor = Amazon
Artemis + Beta Ray Bill = Aphrodite Jones
Agent Liberty + U.S.Agent = Agent
Uncle Sam + Captain America = American Dream
Bumblebee + Wasp = Hornet
Atom + Ant-Man = Atomic
Phantom Lady + Blonde Phantom = Phantom Gal
Black Condor + Red Raven = Gray Osprey
Human Bomb + Human Torch (golden age) = Human Dynamite
Doll Man + Yellowjacket = Tiny Tim
The Ray + Photon = Ray
I’ve got tons more, but I am more eager to hear your thoughts!

I didn’t read your list because I wanted to see what I could come up with. Some would be personality mixes or power mixes or just because mixes. Some are gender mixes that I’m sure could be worked out.
Jessica Cruz/Captain Marvel
Batman/Spider-Man (Imagine Bruce losing parents then growing up to lose Uncle Alfred. Eesh)
Zoom/Carnage (no logic other than it would be terrifyingly dangerous)
Doomsday/Immortal Hulk
Wonder Woman/She-Hulk (Princess Diana (no powers) comes to man’s world to spread a message of peace but turns into a rage monster after exposure to earth’s radiation which doesn’t penetrate Themiscyra)
Zatanna/Jane Foster Thor
Harley Quinn/Deadpool
Captain Boomerang/Boomerang
Damian Wayne/X-23

They did this in the Dr. Strangefate comic.


Right. Like I said some of them were mixtures from the previous amalgam, because they fit so perfectly. I just forgot the character’s name.