AMA: Conor Leslie, AKA Donna Troy!

In one hour, our illustrious editor-in-chief will be interviewing Conor Leslie, AKA Donna Troy of Titans! Have a question for you? Submit it in the comments below and we’ll get her thoughts!

Look for the interview in the days to come on our News page!


What is her impression of what Donna Troy’s powers are? Are they just like an average Amazon?


What attracted you to the role of Donna Troy and did you have any prior knowledge of the character?


What comics did you read to prepare for the role?


Did preparing for this role help spark any interest in comics for u? If u were already a fan who was your wonder girl, if u were a DC fan?

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Article is published here with your questions asked!

How does it feel to be the first live action incarnation of the character?

Aww sorry Redhood! We already published the article :frowning:

My question was asked. Terrific.

Great job by everybody in asking such interesting questions.

Donna uses a lasso, unlike the current Donna in the Comic book Titans. It’s good for that to come back, much less deadly than sword and shield. And very useful for plot purposes. Like if a very powerful alien has to be put under control.

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So if your question got 1 like & somebody’s got 2 your question doesn’t get answered? I still don’t grasp this. 1st idk u posted them in news section so idk if Tara Strong answered my questions. Then I checked it today so I wouldn’t miss Donna troys answers & my questions weren’t asked & only 3 other people asked questions which all got answered.

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@djd187, in this case it was a matter of timing. We only had one hour to get questions because this opportunity came in last minute, it was one hour before our editor hopped on the phone! I mentioned it in the original post, but it might not have been clear enough. When we have more time to gather questions we will be able to include more. Of course, this isn’t a guarantee the questions will get asked, because we only get about 15 minutes with the talent- they’re very busy people! I’m sorry your question didn’t get asked, but we’ll keep asking you all in the future!

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I get it. Is the Tara Strong interview gone? I just found out yesterday that the answers are posted in the news section. I was checking the thread I posted the questions on thinking that’s where the answers would be.

Hi djd, we have not conducted in interview with Tara Strong or collected questions for her here on the forums. I just asked our editor-in-chief if he interviewed her, and he let me know that they ran out of time before he could. May I ask where you’re getting the information about this? Maybe if I read the same source I can help you further.

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:tada::tada::tada: She answered my question in the interview! :blush::tada::tada::tada:



I saw that great questions & I was so happy to see they put your tag up as well as everyone else’s. Congrats!!! She was awesome in this last episode. Love how she kept saying older, smarter & prettier & how she caught Graysons birdarang like yep that’s what Amazons do no biggie.

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It’s under Discuss! Today on DC daily! Floronic Man, Constantine, & Tara Strong. Then in paragraph below it says: do you have any questions for Tara Strong let us know in the comments below.

Under watchtower

Btw @Applejack I didn’t mean those exclamation points as aggressive, I wrote down the thread exactly as it is punctuation included so u could locate it easier.

Excellent article, nice job everyone!