Am I the only one who would get a kick out of a Detroit Justice League "Reunion" on the Arrowverse?

I kind of mentioned this in another thread, but since this is related to the TV show I was thinking…

The opportunity may have passed by now, but at the moment in different shows the Arrowverse has had adaptions of Martian Manhunter, Steel, Vibe, Gypsy, Vixen and Elongated Man. That is over half of the Detroit Era justice League but unless I have forgotten something those characters have never all been on screen at the same time.

It may just be me but I think it would fun to write a reason for those specific heroes to team up together even if just briefly for a fight scene. Given Crisis is next year so think we might see some glimpses of alternate worlds maybe they could do a world where those heroes are the Justice League on their earth, or Justice Society if they can’t use the Justice Leagues name. Or something to that effect.

I just always had a soft spot for that team despite their many faults, and would get a kick seeing them adapted (at least as close as they could) by some kind of team-up.

Maybe it’s just me.


might be interesting

I’m from Michigan so I would love this

Get Serinda Swan back as Smallville’s Zatanna and Alan Ritchson as Smallville’s Aquaman, and you have the original eight members of the JLDetroit era. It is a Crisis, after all and we’ve already seen indications that Smallville’s Earth is connected to the Arrowverse’s.

As to the OP’s question: no, you’re not the only one. I do hope that a producer/director realizes the fan-service opportunity and at least puts them together in one shot/scene.

(While we’re talking about the Detroit era, did you notice the inclusion of Dale Gunn in Young Justice this season? Greg & Brandon know everything… :slight_smile: )

I grew up in the Inner-city of Detroit, a City that always needs Saving, especially these Days.

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I’d love to start with a Gypsy who has something closer to her original power set, not just a female Vibe. Keep the same actress unless they want to find a Romani to play her. But beyond that, yeah, bring it!

And to the last poster, I’m very sorry for what has happened to your city.

That actually would be fun to get the actors who played Zatanna and Aquaman with them, they did hint that Green Arrow from the 90’s Flash’s earth looks like or at least has the same costume as the Smallville Green Arrow. I was assuming well Aquaman is out because not like the DCEU actor would be doing an episode of a CW show even for a cameo. But that would get them around it.

I invision a scene somewhere in Crisis (probably just my fan dream but I envision it) of a scene of the skies red as the Crisis comes to full boil and some enemy attacking at once and a quick glimpse of various earths heroes fighting. They could get some we have seen like the Ray and Citizen Cold fighting in one, maybe one or two actors from an old DC show like The 90’s Flash’s earths being revisited, maybe some effects like DS9 used to get Dean Cain in his prime or Adam West Batman fighting, and maybe get the CW Detroid members briefly fighting together, with the Smallville Awuaman and Zatanna filling out the other two spots.

Yeah it is unlikely and I am dreaming too big… but just maybe…