Am I the Only One Who Was a Little Disappointed by Fandome?

I just feel like there wasn’t enough content to actually fill nearly 4 hours! That led to filler about diversity. I enjoy diversity, I just don’t want it preached at me. I felt like I was at Sunday mass waiting for the crackers and grape juice. Like did we really need that many “panels” on diversity? I thought DC Fandome was about upcoming projects. Am I the only one??? Please don’t ban me!!! I just want to start a conversation to see if I’m the only fan that feels this way!!! I say all this with as much respect as I can muster!!!


It would’ve been nice if they had a schedule to let you know what to look forward too. I had to use a bathroom a few times, hated the idea of missing anything. I really thought I miss The Batman trailer, glad I didn’t.


I think had COVID not affected the upcoming projects like it did, we might’ve had more in terms of footage rather than behind the scenes stuff. I know last year’s Fandome had a little more. I wish they could’ve focused on comics a little more.

Other than that, despite being hampered by COVID, I thought it was fun!


Oh that would be great! I feel like there isnt much thought that goes into Fandome. It feels like the week before they just throw something together and call it a day!


First time viewer of the fandome and I mostly enjoyed it. Didn’t realize it would be almost 4 hours. Knew the Batman trailer was going to be last… I understand doing panels but that’s just not interesting to me without upcoming content. Could have easily done a shorter show


I am certain this is the case! I think COVID played a major role in how little content we got. As for the rest of Fandome, it kinda felt like an afterthought. Like they just threw something together. Who decided it needed to be as long as it was? They could have done half the time and just gave us what we came there for. They didn’t need to add a bunch of “panels” just to fill time.


LOL!!! I was in the middle of replying to superby1! I was saying the same thing! It was entirely too long! Most of the “content”/“panels”, were entirely unnecessary!

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The time to do it is a little interesting too because you can’t really preview the DC shows when they have already premiered but obviously the goal is to have everything involved…they did 10 minutes on Supergirl, a show that is ending but it was just filler for me cause I don’t watch… Not that those things aren’t important to people but you want to make people excited for what’s next

It was fun but with better direction and focus on content, it can be even better

I know its more of a movies and shows thing but if anything, more spotlight on the comics would fill time for content better imo

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I did appreciate the brief interview with Tom Welling and Micheal Rosenbaum on the 20th anniversary of Smallville and a look at the Kent home from Superman & Lois. They were informative but didn’t overstay their welcome.

To give some credit to this year’s FanDome, everything that appealed last year, I could’ve watched on YouTube. Plus, this year Blake Neely provided a FanDome theme. I don’t know how fitting a mashup fits for an original experience, but I guess it works.

As for what I liked over last year more than this year was that there was an interactive scheduler. Plus, there were more games or crafts with last year’s FanDome- such as the origami for kids and comics to read. While this year had comics to read, I think the list last year was more expansive.

If there is a FanDome for 2022, it would be nice if there were originasegments that can only be found during the FanDome. One such experience could be a scavenger hunt or special decoder message like Super Friends had. Another could be an original sketch exclusive for FanDome- not on YouTube and/or involves a story about a character who only shows up during FanDome.

Side note, this may be more fitting elsewhere, but I am rather surprised there wasn’t an announcement for TWAU2. Maybe it’s taking the Snyder Cut approach- wait for everyone to get hyped for it, and when people, like me, started to doubt, it is announced.

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THIS! Exactly this!

Oh my gosh! These were by far my favorite moments of the event! I was honestly hoping they would have some info about the Smallville cartoon!!

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It is probably much more effectent for WB to have one single 4-hour event rather than have viewers jumping around to different “halls” of content. And the ease of just pausing it and coming back to the one video makes it easy to see everything, even if it sacrifices the feeling you are attending a convention.

I passed on the Batman trailer, since last year’s trailer already gave too much away and I’d still like some surprises, come March. Speaking of surprises, seeing Pattison talking virtually with Reeves was a pleasant one

Last year felt much bigger. I liked having some of the draw with an artist moments and what not. There seemed to be more comic book representation too in terms of interviewing creators. Like other, I assume COVID continues to play a role in why we basically heard about the same movies and tv shows. I wish there had been some type of schedule though, like Batman hour, Wonder Woman hour, tv show hour, comic book hour, etc.

As for diversity discussions, some felt natural while others felt a bit preachy and repetitive to me as well. Hopefully, DC can find that balance better next time, so less people feel like they’re being bashed over the head with Harley’s hammer (although this threshold probably varies greatly person to person, so good luck with that!).

DC Fandome did answer some of my burning questions (Batgirl will have red hair and wear a cowl!), but failed to answer others (specific date for Gotham Knights).

It was okay.

Was hoping for more exciting stuff in the Superman department (interview with Phillip Kennedy Johnson, news about the Mark Waid comic, Henry Cavill news, reveals from Superman & Lois, interviews with the creators of My Adventures with Superman, updates on the Ta-Nehisi Coates or Michael B. Jordan projects, collectibles that aren’t fedoras) but was left whelmed.

Was a fun time though, a nice celebration of DC, which is the whole point of the thing, I guess.

If things are better next year in terms of COVID and delays, hopefully the next Fandome will be fit to burst with announcements and content.

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I was at work so watched the videos after. But everyone saying it was too long at 4 hours. Maybe I am remembering wrong, but wasn’t it 8 hours last year?

You’re remembering correctly.

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