Am I the only one who’s angry about a Joker origin story !?

To me, the allure to the Joker is that he doesn’t really have an origin. I was okay with the killing joke because it didn’t explain his life prior to joining the red hood gang. I feel like explaining who he is might ruin that allure for a lot of people


You’re definitely not alone. My least favorite part of ‘The Killing Joke,’ actually, is the flashbacks to Joker’s past; I’m able to countenance them by virtue of how it is made clear that it is just one of many possible ‘origins’ of the Joker (Joker points out that his past is multiple choice, etc.) I consider myself a big Joker fan - I’m so basic and cliche that it was my interest in Heath Ledger’s Joker that got me into comics in the first place! - but…as you say, the mystique is a large part of the character. This movie will do little but ruin the mystique and I cannot say that I’m excited for it.

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Well now we know there are 3 jokers, and anything close to a back story is conjecture - even the killing joke. There’s also the Wayne kid who was put In Arkham back story…either way I think the new movie will be good. Just imagine it’s like Heath’s version giving a different story for how he got those scars

“Something like that happened to me, you know. I… I’m not exactly sure what it was. Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another… If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice! Ha ha ha” - In full agreement. I’m fine with it as long as they don’t do what they did with Wolverine and make it canon. I wasn’t keeping up with Marvel at the time, and all of a sudden Wolverine now had an official origin story beyond Weapon X .

Give it a chance.

I personally wish they would have used William Dafoe instead of Joaquin Phoenix. Just seems like he would bring more to the character of the Joker. plus Joaquin Phoenix’s version kind of looks like a pedophile. “Who wants some candy kids?!?”

I am worried about it but no I ain’t “angry”

LIke DCPrince said, give it a chance. It’s pointless to get all up in arms till you see the final product.

Then don’t watch it.

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If you are referring to the Joaquin Phoenix film, it’s not canon and will be a DC Black labeled movie where directors have free reign to do whatever to DC characters.

No you aren’t the only one. His makeup looks ridiculous too. I thought it was a joke. We need DC to start stepping it up. They are already trying to take Superman away from us. Forget WB and go with someone else.

Forget WB? As in Warner Brothers? DC’s parent company?

I’m not bothered at all. We’ve already had 2 movies that feature a back story for him, and they’re pretty well known yet his past is still officially “a mystery” another movie changes nothing. Also imo a joker actor should not look “perfect for the role” the whole point of killing joke was that all it took was one bad day and ANYONE could be like the joker. Give Phoenix the chance y’all gave heath ledger (remember when no one approved of him?) The fact that he doesn’t look like the joker is what could make him a good option. After all. Hes not playing joker. Hes playing the man who eventually becomes joker. You wouldn’t expect Christian bale or Ben Affleck to play young Bruce in Gotham, would you?

I’m not angry. I’m indifferent.

I think the movie is a mistake. It could be a wonderful film with amazing acting, writing, and direction. Even so, I still won’t want it. I agree that giving the Joker an origin is the wrong way to go. And while it’s supposed to be an elseworld, I have no doubt that WB will try to make it work somehow if it’s successful and they see a way to make money out of it. Additionally, while we fans might understand it’s not canon, the major movie going audience will not.