Am i the only one who hated the ending for Under the Red Hood? I thought the movie did such a better job.....

This thread will have opinions so please don’t destroy someone for it.

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While I dug the comics, I thought the movie improved on everything. Judd Winick wrote both. So maybe he saw the film as a way to correct what was a little bumpy in the books.


The movie definitely felt like a second draft, and the fact that it was written by Judd Winick, who also wrote the comic, really drives that home. Also, the movie didn’t have to handcuff itself to a bunch of stuff that was happening in comic continuity at the time (Superboy-Prime, anyone?), and benefited a lot from that.

I think I read somewhere that Jusd Winick himself thought the movie was the superior version and, while I love both, I agree.

Yes the comic ending was was poor. But I think the comic has a whole new level of complexity that compared to the movie that makes it better.