Am I the only one who dislikes Felicity Smoak on arrow?

I think she’s terrible and Oliver’s true love should be laurel lance. That’s the one thing I hate about this show


I wouldn’t her character going out of town for a while. Or year.

I saw a car with “Smoak” on it’s license plate in a parking lot today. I thought “I wonder…” when I saw it. Maybe they’re going to the DMV to change it tomorrow.

Correction: I wouldn’t mind Felicity going out of town for a while. Or a year or three.


I love the show but I’ve never liked her character.


I liked her initially. Now she’s Fauxacle.

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She comes across as cringe-worthy sometimes, but she’s become such an integral part of the show, for better or for worse, I couldn’t imagine it without her.

She went from being one of the best parts of the show for the first couple seasons, to one of the worst parts of the show in the last couple seasons.
They should have killed her off a while ago. We could be missing her instead of being sick of her.
Felicity and Olivier story lines can be so repetitive and dull. Probable the main reason I now enjoy Legends more then Arrow.


I didn’t like laurel character. She reminds me of chloe Sullivan as a lawyer.

I liked Felicity in the first few seasons, but I’m not fond of her character anymore.

I never liked Laurel (or the new “Fake Laurel”). I don’t know what it is, but there is something that always bothered me about her.

I LOVE Dinah.

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The “new” Laurel is from Earth 2 & is Black Siren if that helps at all @JLWWSM. She’s a member of the Justice guild of America. There like a doppelgänger crew of the JL. There an episode in Justice League called Legends, it’s a 2 parter but their all good in that episode. In Legends episode there based on a comic book John Stewart read as a kid. I won’t say anymore in case u ever watch or rewatch it.

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You’re not the only one. I can’t stand her. I agree with @Vroom. I wouldn’t mind if Felicity went on a permanent vacation.


I can’t stand Felicity anymore at this point she’s unrecognizable from her character in season one. It’s unfortunate she’s such a unlikable character now because I still really like the actress.


She’s always right and throwing his mistakes in face and using those mistakes to justify her own terrible behavior. She’s never happy and I’m starting to dislike Oliver because he never stands up for himself. He’s faced with unimaginable scenarios and she blames him for everything that’s wrong in her life. He needs a new love interest but the writers seem determined to pair him with her who’ve they transformed into a more righteous than thou, shrew.


One instance I remember was Felicity making a life or death situation about herself. She finds out Oliver has a son during a crisis and breaks it off with him which then ends up killing everyone. Luckily Barry goes back in time and fixes it.

Annoying character. Fingernails on chalkboard level.


You’re not alone. As beautiful as Emily Bett Rickards is (she’s an attractive woman) I can’t stand Felicity Smoak. Started to really get turned off on the character since Season 3. I’d not mind it at all if Oliver hooked up with Earth 2 Laurel Lance or Dinah Drake.


mannyzecena.10618 She didn’t find out about Oliver’s kid until the Vixen episode where Damien Darhk took William. That happened several episodes after the crossover you are referring to that set up Legends of Tomorrow.

Yea she does get annoying after a while

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Marcuswil25 she confronts Oliver about the dna test outside of Barry’s house right before they fight Vandal Savage. Granted Flash changed that timeline but it still shows she’s a horrible character.