Am. I the only one who didn’t love Metal?

Finally read through the big Dark Knights: Metal crossover and it was a huge disappointment (for me). It felt like a title in search of a story…”Let’s do the most METAL story ever!”

To be fair, this idea hits all my personal pet peeves: Age old conspiracy that effects the very essence of the universe (Everything you thought you knew is wrong!), another universe that is a dark reflection of our own (Evil is awesome!), evil doppelgängers of our favorite hero’s. That last one really folded in on itself…evil Batman versions of our favorite heroes. Why would these even exist? Are there also universes where they’re are Aquaman versions of our favorite heroes who aren’t evil but just don’t care about terrestrial problems? And Booster Gold versions of our favorite heroes who mean well, but are ultimately only accidentally competent?

The worst part was that it kinda cheapens Batman’s story. He’s not a “regular” (insanely rich, white) guy who wanted to fight crime to honor his parents…and learned to do it well enough to stand alongside god-like beings. He was part of the convoluted evil plan of a bat god/cult…yada, yada, yada.

I’m not even saying the whole thing was bad…just a story almost perfectly crafted for me to dislike. Seems like it was a huge hit and is apparently spawning a sequel. Am I the only one who felt this way?


You are definitely NOT the only reader who disliked Metal. It was so bad, I actually made a topic on these forums to speak up about how bad. And I almost never start topics. Honestly, I was hoping it could be a new jumping on point for me.

But it was just horrible. I could follow the story, but I really couldn’t figure out why I’d ever care. It was just a ridiculous story. Something I’d expect a really excitable kid to write.

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Capullo’s art was great as usual, but yeah, it really felt like the story got away from Snyder as it went on. I could tell he was channeling Grant Morrison, which, for me, is always a bad sign when it comes to multiversal stories. The longer it went, the less I was able to tell what was actually happening save for a few isolated moments. As much as I love the artwork, I really can’t say that I’m excited for Death Metal

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I dislike Metal intensely

If I understand it correctly the entire universe is in.trouble because Batman.acted rashly and stupidly

I cant read red with a black background ao I had to skip all of the dialogue from.the Batman.who Laughs which did not help.comprehending the story line.

I did like the heros trying to find Batman.and Batman using the Batman Family including Clayface to cover his tracks. When finally cornered he threatens them with a Baby Darkseid

That was hilarious. But felt like it was nothing that the real Batman would do.

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You’re definitely not alone. Read many negative opinions. I personally enjoyed the craziness of it, despite not liking BWL.

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There were a few things I like and a few things I didn’t. One of them being that the characters jumped around a bit and sometimes the story got weird. Like Nightwing having weird visions. Then Batman and Superman get transferred to some place we had never even seen before. It got weird sometimes
But I did love the villains it added and how it brought Hawkman into Rebirth in an awesome way.

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