Am I the only one fascinated Swamp Thing and The Human Target have so many adaptions

This is in no way a reflection on the characters. But am I the only one who finds it interesting that Swamp Thing, a character that while not unpopular is hardly an A-List superhero or even really one known by most non-comic book fans has managed to in his lifetime get not one but two movies made about him, a TV series that ran for three years and 72 episodes, and an animated series?

I mean think about it, that is more adaptions than The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern or most other Superheroe’s in DC’s panthon have had especially if you don’t count the DC Produced DVD movies. Hell I am likely forgetting someone but he is the only Superhero I can think of besides The Big 3 who has appeared as the main character in movies, cartoons and live action TV. (and Wonder Woman I don’t think got her own starring cartoon to this day, but might be wrong). And again, Swamp Thing… a good character but far from a household name.

Hell Swamp Thing is obviously about to get his THIRD TV series next year, yeah DC Universe is also giving Star Girl and Doom Patrol their own series, so obviously different environment here, but again… other then Superman has any DC Hero gotten three live action TV series? I mean maybe Batman if you count the 60s show, Gotham and The movies cerials, but that is a stretch.

And meanwhile The Human Target a character who has appeared sporadically in comics for most of his run and didn’t have a starring title until 1999… somehow managed to get not one but two TV series. Yeah, the first one was on for 7 episodes in 1992, and the second was two 13 episode seasons, so neither set the world on fire. But during a time when comic book related TV shows were not sought after moneymakers The Human Target managed to get two series when MUCH bigger name comic book characters have yet to get one, the first series he got when he was nothing more then a backup feature that hadn’t been seen in any notable nature for almost a decade. Hell has anyone besides Superman and Batman gotten two live action series at all?

Anyone have an idea what it is about those two that made them have such a presence on TV, Movies and Cartoons that so many bigger name heroes, especially prior to the influx in Superhero TV and movies in the last 10 years, never got?

I just honestly find it intriguing two of DC’s lesser known (in one case MUCH lesser known) properties have gotten so many chances when on paper they probably wouldn’t seem like they should have gotten any.

And on another note when I was tagging this post… how has Swamp Thing gotten all of that and doesn’t have his own Tag?


Good points and I love me Swampie! Swamp Thing has only had small appearances in games like DC UniverseOnline but managed to be a powerful playable character in Injustice 2

I think about this sometimes. I have always wanted a Wonder Woman animated show. She’s only had one animated movie (luckily that’s changing next year) and she’s one of the big three. For the fans of these lesser known characters, this is great. It’s just a big strange they do get a lot of attempts. It reminds me of all Green Lantern getting an animated show, a live action movie, and multiple animated movies that don’t do too well, but DC continued to push the character. Wonder Woman had one animated movie that had its sequel canceled just because it didn’t make enough money in the time they wanted (even though it ended up making that money eventually).

It’s still pretty cool that more lesser known characters will be getting adapted to other mediums through this service. More adaptations of DC characters is always a good thing. :slightly_smiling_face: