Am I the only one confused by Heroes in Crisis

I felt they have wasted a few issues and could have progressed the story faster


Get the torches and the pitchforks!

Yes. I had to. I really had to,

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They did extend the series by two issues before it released. Probably for more character work

As I Sid from issue 1… A Steaming Pile…


I can’t say I get any joy from it. I’m just reading it to stay up to date now. Last issue was just about the opposite of what I enjoy in a comic.

If I ever feel like “Woah, some depressive reading is what I want in my life”, then I will read it again.


Ya know, I’ve liked HiC. But on that same token, I’ve lost interest in it. I’ll finish it and the Batman/Flash crossover at a later point in the year. Neither is very interesting right now.

Doomsday Clock is my event mini-series dujour ATM. Go DC!


The topic of mental health which I taught was the main theme of HiC could be perfectly explored without necessary murder.

I feel like every time an issue comes out, Tom King has to explain himself on Twitter. If a writer can’t do that within the issue itself and has to explain themselves on social media on what he/she is trying to convey, something’s wrong.



Is HIC up here?

I got super confused during the issues from batman and the flash

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No Redhood you arent the only one confused. I ferl the same way. Feels like we should be further along in the story. There is only like 3 issues left.


It’s not a finished story, so anyone saying it’s terrible doesn’t understand a story. Until it’s done, you can’t judge it. You can it’s not good yet, etc, but it’s not a finished product, so it’s fair to say it’s fully garbage. In king I trust. There are multiple versions of what happened happening. It’s not meant to be an easy to understand story the way it’s being told, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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*can say

Grrr… not fair. Sorry. I need to proofread before hitting send