Am I honestly the only person who loves Batman Beyond?

Like the show gets no love nor the does the comic series and it has an amazing writer in Dan Jurgens. Man I love the show and comics. I just wish there was other people I could talk to about the show and comic series.


I love that show, yo

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You’re definitely not the only one! It’s an awesome show with the coolest bat suit and vehicle imo. My favorite little thing about it is that it showcased one of my favorite teams: Justice League Beyond.

The comics did a great job expanding each core member with cool tie-ins like Kai-Ro’s sister and Warhawk’s parents.

I do hope more Batman Beyond-type stuff gets released.

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I sincerely doubt it. The show is amazing.

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I’m not a fan personally, but you’re definitely not alone.

I sure love it

You aren’t alone that series is great, one of my favorites

I guess I’m a little confused by it . I know I enjoyed it when they started bringing in that eta’s Green Lantern and sort of a form of the Justice League in Batman Beyond for a little bit. And then one of the Robins from our present era during one of the crises or another recently ended up becoming Batman Beyond. But then when I went to read it the other day here, it was no longer Tim that was the new Batman Beyond, it was back to being the original Terry… and right now I’m just kind of curious what happened with Tim that was kind of a cool what was it to Future’s end I think is where Tim ended up being Batman Beyond oh well.

what? no…a lot of people love Batman Beyond…myself including

I’ve been watching Season 2.
Tons of people love Batman Beyond. I’m still holding my breath for a film adaptation whenever they get tired of rebooting Batman movie.

I’ve been wanting a live action Batman Beyond film or video game for years

I hope they bring it back with this app

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Also I hope they bring more bat family members in it

I’m debating whether it’s better than Batman Animated Series

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Enjoyed that show, kept waiting for Dick Grayson to show up.

loved it. watched it a lot

Loved That Show Enjoy The Comic Very Much But The Show Is Not On The Level Of BTAS That Show Set The Superhero Animated Standard For Years To Come

What are you talking about? Does anyone HATE Batman Beyond? I’ve been a fan since the series launched. Coolest idea ever
A live action movie would be pretty rad.

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Nope you’re not the only one. I love the show and the comics. Terry is actually my favorite Batman and I really like that in the Beyond-verse Bruce no longer is Batman because he aged out of the role. That’s something that will never be allowed to happen in the comics where Batman must always be Bruce Wayne.

Also a live-action film would be pretty awesome.