Am I alone in liking Krypton?

It’s pretty cool…


I’ve only seen the first couple of episodes but it’s alright. Much better than I was expecting

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It’s the best DC show out there as far as I’m concerned.

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Nope, I really like it! I love seeing Kryptonian culture and the political drama is really intriguing, a little like an alien House of Cards. I’m scared about Lobo next season though. I really didn’t like him in Justice League. He’s just not a character I enjoy >_>

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It can be cheesy, and I’m always iffy on SyFy, but I think it could be awesome. They could go game of thrones with houses and guilds, toss a number of golden and silver age Easter eggs, and I do want more Lyta Zod lol

I like it so far can’t wait for the next season

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I liked it when I saw it here’s hoping that season 2 the show continues to get better

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I enjoyed watching it.

Looking forward to seeing it on here next year!


Nope, I love it. Probably my favorite current live action DC show right now. It reminds me of Sci-Fi’s Battlestar Galactica show but I find Krypton substantially more interesting and entertaining.


I love the show! Great cast and good script.

My one big beef with the show is that they seemingly went for the tired 80s idea of Superman being the only survivor.

The Supergirl series showed that the cousins are stronger together. I wish Krypton had chosen that path too.

It would have cost nothing as the roles need no actors for them, but the emotional impact of seeing two capes of grandson and granddaughter dying would have been even bigger, both for Seg and a larger fan base.

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I quite liked it. Taking as a kinda of alternate timeline due to time travel shenanigans and all I really enjoyed it.

I have not seen it, heard positive reviews from folks I respect. I will check it out on this app next year. I thought “Brainiac” looked amazing, and “lobo” too.

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I watched it with zero expectations… LOVED IT!
Can’t wait to see their story arc for season 2.

Never seen it, but hopefully it comes to the app. Would love to give it a shot.

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I think it’s a fantastic show. I can’t wait for season 2

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no you’re not…a lot of people like this show

I love it so far. Was hopeful it would be good and exceeded expectations easily.

I couldn’t get past episode 4 or 5.

I dug it.

If anything gets me excited it’s Back Story and Krypton isn’t something we have a lot of Back Story on, so I appreciate what it contributes to the Universe.