Almost Done in the DCAMU: Part 4

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract introduced me to a lot of new characters that I had never met before. I liked Terra, and I could understand her desire to feel included and her wanting to understand her place and role in the world. The villain Brother Blood actually scared me, as his religious teachings remind me of real world events that I have read about in the news. The Titans grow a lot from the beginning to the end of the film, and overall I enjoyed the voice acting performances from the whole crew.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay is an original story by Alan Burnett. My knowledge of the Suicide Squad is still pretty limited, but I did enjoy all the interactions I saw and heard in the film. Amanda Waller, I think, is the most direct leader I have seen in a film in a long time. She has no patience for 2nd place, and her drive to get things done her way is both striking and scary. I found myself rooting for Deadshot, while understanding that cutting corners simply isn’t good enough to win a favorable conclusion.

The Death of Superman is a film I had actually seen before, but it was really great to view it again. I really liked all the tender moments between Clark and Lois, and I must say the production team did a great job with informing the audience about how Superman and Wonder Woman got along. I did cringe when Wonder Woman kept getting hit in the face by Doomsday, and I was like, “Noo, don’t do that to Wonder Woman!” Anyway, the film had some very strong moments and I am glad to have seen it again, within this journey I’m embarking on through the DCAMU.

Constantine: City of Demons is definitely a movie with a different appeal and tone than any of the previous DCAMU films. Some of the imagery in this one shocked me, but I also understand why the film had to “go there” at times. Constantine’s journey to help his friend’s family had some very startling moments, and I must say that Nightmare Nurse and Queen of Angels definitely spice up the film. The main impression I get from this film is that when it’s needed to fight evil on their level, sometimes the only way to do that is to venture into places that only certain people should ever go. Constantine is like a protector that understands the need for solutions that involve a spiritual defense as much as intelligence, problem solving, and deal making.

I find myself learning a whole bunch every time I sit down to watch one of these films, and it has been a rewarding experience for me.


This is where I found the DCAMU finally became good, well hit or miss is the better term. Still 2 flawed but very enjoyable
and emotional movies vs one stinker is huge improvement.

Which one @MatthewHecht was the stinker for you? I prefer the less violent films and the ones that have more of the couple interactions, but that’s my flavor and style.

Suicide Squad Hell to Pay.

Ah, I can understand that. The interactions I thought were solid, but the focus I felt was more on Deadshot and his back and forth with Waller. Waller’s overall drive and her desire pushed the team into uncomfortable and sometimes unforgiving situations, and I can see how that would make one feel difficulty in enjoying the film.

My main problems were I hate or disliked everyone (except Vandal was kind of a cool villain but far lower than his usual par), I saw every move coming a mile away, and it is vastly inferior to the previous Suicide Squad movie, Assault on Arkham.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Oh, I understand now. See, you’re able to predict a plotline with relative ease, but I’m completely the opposite. I usually don’t know what’s coming my way. Assault on Arkham is a film I still need to see, and maybe I’ll understand where you’re coming from more after I see it.

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so good!