All Time Favorite Team Books

For a bit of fun, what are your 5 favorite DC team books ever. Make sure to be specific! So Don’t just say “JUSTICE LEAGUE” say which era and run of Justice League. So for me I’d put the JLA of Grant Morrison’s run, for example. Bonus points if you explain yourself!!

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Not sure about top 5 but my #1 is JSA by Geoff Johns and David Goyer


5: Waid JLA
4: Young Justice (original volume)
3: Grayson Titans
2: Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League International
1: Birds of Prey (original volume)

  1. The Legion of Super-Heroes (Silver Age Adventure Comics run)

  2. The Justice League of America (Vol 1)

  3. The New Teen Titans

  4. The Doom Patrol (Silver Age)

  5. JSA by Goyer and Johns

  1. Tie between Morrison’s JLA and New 52 Justice League
  2. The Authority (first series)
  3. JSA
  4. Titans (Rebirth)
  5. Batman and the Outsiders (first series)

I have to be honest outside of X-Men and Superman/Batman I’ve never been into team books. Although I do like New Teen Titans and what I’ve read of Titans (Rebirth).

I’m pretty much the opposite LPCustom76.
Team books are what I gravitate towards. I really enjoy the dynamics and interactions.

Mine would be:
Justice League International/America/Europe/Quarterly
Legion of Super-Heroes
New Teen Titans
Batman and the Outsiders/Outsiders
Infinity, Inc.
Justice League of America (Satellite era)
Justice League of America (Detroit era)
Justice Society of America (in All-Star Comics)

Love team books way more than solo hero books. Limiting myself to 5 going to be hard, but here we go.

The authority
Infinity inc.
Team 7
Top 10