All-Time Favorite Comics Series or Run

All the talk about complete series and full runs going on got me thinking about what my all-time favorites in DC are. I love me some full runs. When you look a well done long series or run you can make out a beginning/middle/end, even when creators change. And since I also love a good reason to compile a top ten list, below are mine. Would like to see what everyone else comes up with. And try to think of it in the context of long-form, epic storytelling. Stuff that is longer than a single trade collection, maybe 12+ issues. No miniseries. Unless you want to cheat and lump several miniseries together (like saying “the crisis trilogy”).

  1. James Robinson’s Starman
  2. Palmiotti and Gray’s Jonah Hex/All-Star Western run
  3. Power Girl (full 2009-2011 series)
  4. The complete Death & Return of Superman storyline
  5. 52
  6. Geoff Johns’ JSA/Justice Society of America run
  7. Batgirl series with Stephanie Brown by Bryan Q. Miller
  8. Catwoman, beginning by Darwyn Cooke thru Ed Brubaker’s run
  9. Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern (Rebirth thru Blackest Night)
  10. Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man series

What are yours?

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Hmmm, offhand I’d go with:

-anything written by Geoff Johns
-anything illustrated by Jim Lee
-The entirety of Rebirth Action Comics and Superman
-JMS’ runs on Wonder Woman and Superman
-John Byrne’s runs on Superman and Wonder Woman
-Grant Morrison’s JLA
-Dan Jurgens on 90’s Superman
-Scott Snyder’s Batman
-all of the New 52 WW
-Charles Soule and Tony Daniel on Superman/Wonder Woman
-Jim Aparo’s run on The Brave and the Bold
-Nicola Scott’s WW run (s)


Steve Englehart & Marshall Rogers on “Detective Comics”

Post-Crisis relaunch of Superman titles by John Byrne, Marv Wolfman and Jerry Ordway

Gerry Conway’s Pre-Crisis ‘80s runs on “Batman”, “Detective Comics” and “Wonder Woman.”

Roy Thomas & Gene Colan on Pre-Crisis “Wonder Woman”

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@Vroom “anything by Geoff Johns” is a great answer. Action and Superman have been on fire since rebirth started. And it hasn’t missed a step with Bendis taking over. Right now Supes is the best he’s been in years. Also, I really hope to read Morrison’s JLA while it’s on here.

@ Jeremy_G Post-crisis Superman is something I’ve always wanted to visit. I need to find time for that.

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@OldManJonah, I agree 100%. I’m a very happy Superman fan.

The post-Crisis John Byrne and Friends run on Superman is tanfastic. I’m always tempted to pull out a trade of it and re-read it again. My favorite Superman era ever.

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Another favorite is the Batgirl ongoing that starred Cassandra Cain. Her evolution through the series was quite compelling. I love her name and suit too. Both are perfect.

  1. Pre-Crisis Supergirl (Lumping these together or my list would only consist of these runs :p)
  2. Taylor’s Injustice
  3. Kelly&Lanzing’s Gotham City Garage
  4. Peter David’s Linda Danvers run
  5. Shea Fontana’s Out of the Bottle
  6. Bedard’s Red Daughter
  7. Landry’s Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade
  8. Loeb’s Superman/Batman
  9. Gates Adventures of Supergirl
  10. Giffen’s Justice League 3001

It’s probably not completely correct, but these were the first to pop on my head.

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D’oh! How could I forget Superman/Batman? That’s one of my top three ongoing series of all time. adds it to his list

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@Coville there is a lot of Supergirl in all that… and I love it!

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Simple for me. The New52. It’s what got me back into comics. Love Superman. Love his villains. Easy favorite hero.

  1. Jack Kirby’s New Gods saga
  2. Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol
  3. Grant’s All Star Superman
  4. Wolfman and Perez New Teen Titians
  5. John Ostrander’s Suicide Squad
  6. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman (it technically started in DCU)
  7. (again it started in DCU) Hellblazer loved it from start to finish regardless of creative team.
  8. Kieth Giffen and Alan Grant’s L.E.G.I.O.N.
  9. Geoff John’s JSA
  10. James Robinson’s Starman

@Kingmob great stuff there. The complete original Hellblazer is on my bucket list. When I will ever get to that, I don’t know.

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What I like is that I got a whole lot of “homework” assigned to me. Found some new reading. :slight_smile:

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  1. All Star Comics, by Conway and Wally Wood

  2. Aquaman, New 52, by Geoff Johns

  3. Batman by Englehart and Rogers in Detective Comics

  4. Detective Comics, Rebirth by James Tynion IV

  5. Hawkman by Fox and Kubert in Brave and Bold

  6. JLA, by Morrison

  7. Spectre, by Fleisher and Aparo, in Adventure Comics

  8. Supergirl, by Peter David, especially 75-80

  9. Teen Titans 2003, by Geoff Johns

  10. Wonder Woman Year One, Rebirth by Rucka and Scott


If we’re going strictly DC it’s New Frontier followed by Moore’s Swamp Thing, Kirby’s Fourth World (with Final Crisis as the concluding chapter) and the triangle era Superman. Of all time…probably Locke and Key.


It consists of several titles but they’re all great (the ones I’ve read are at least) so I’ll add all of Kirby’s DC output to my list.

The triangle era of Superman is fantastic, so that’s a keeper too. Does that include New Krypton and the like or strictly the material from 1991-2002?


*1991 to 2002

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@vroom I think the triangle era was late 80s to late 90s, well before New Krypton. I generally associate it with Dan Jurgens’ time on the book(s), but could be wrong. It was really great, regardless.


When I say “triangle era” I specifically refer to Mike Carlin’s tenure as Superman group editor.


That’s what I figured. The '91 to '02 (cover wise) Superman books.