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Let’s talk Green Lantern, I’m a huge fan of the character. My personal favorite is Kyle Rayner. When I got back into comics Kyle had just taken over so I read a lot of his books.


So I just realize I started this in the wrong area.
But seeing how we are in this area now. Would love to see the Blackest Night event on here plus the Sinestro Corps War.

Emerald Dawn is one I loved from the 90s, and I would love to see more of the ones where Hal Jordan went crazy / became Parallax, and when Kyle Raynor took over.


John Stewart needs his own series

Heck Yes!!! Kyle Rayner is the GREATEST LANTERN OF THEM ALL!!! My all time favorite comic with him is the Parallax View. It’s the second time you see him face off with Hal Jordon as Parallax and it’s amazing. My favorite moment is when Hal has Kyle strapped down onto a construct and Kyle can’t escape as Hal brings down a giant hammer onto Kyle, but suddenly in the last second Kyle constructs some futuristic robot armor that protects him. It’s truly one of Kyle’s greatest moments as he stands up against the unrelenting Parallax/Hal Jordon who wants nothing more than to get his ring back and the title of Green Lantern no matter the cost.


Huge Kyle Rayner fan, I loved the new 52 run of new guardians

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I think one of my favorite moments was during the the Black Circle mini crossover with Green Arrow. Where Kyle finally snaps on Oliver about not being in Hal’s shadow. Also when they where on a roof top looking like the two of them where about to throw down. Connor Hawke was trying to plead with his dad not to fight Kyle, I can’t remember the exact quote but I know it was something along this.

Do you really want to fight him, he is 20 year younger and has the most powerful weapon in the universe on his hand.

Which leads into one of my other favorite moments. During Hal’s rebirth when Oliver used Hal’s ring to shoot the arrow into Sinestro and how much pain and exhausted Oliver was after. Kyle was with him and he asked Kyle. If that what it felt like to use the ring. Kyle answered everytime, Ollie responded with just damn.
It showed the new found respect Oliver had for not only the Green Lanterns but also for Kyle.

Hal is the best imo. I’ve been reading Lantern for about 20 years and the Geoff Johns runs is the greatest thing to ever happen to the character.