All the Easter Eggs in YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS Episodes 7-9

There are few creators who can compete with the deep cut knowledge of the Young Justice: Outsiders showrunners. Take a peek at the latest Easter Eggs article to discover all the hidden gems throughout the latest episodes!

You can find the article in this link, or by visiting today’s News section:

Was there anything our illustrious author might have missed? Anything that surprised you? Let us know in the comments below!


I was hoping to see the cover of the comic that was being read at the support group addressed. It was Blue Falcon and Dynomutt… thought that was pretty awesome… unless you did mention it lol Then I’d feel like a dope

@yarosz - The author of the article did indeed mention that Artur was reading the Blue Falcon/Dynomutt comic, under the DC Babies section. A wonderful reference indeed.

One area that was missed though, was in the Vandal Savage origin episode, ‘Evolution.’ While the seeming fact that Nabu is the offspring of Savage probably doesn’t qualify as an Easter Egg (though quite a surprise to many), the real nugget here is the revelation that Savage was once an ancient Babylonian hero named Marduk.

Marduk, you see was an important figure in the Young Justice: Legacy video game released in 2013. It was written by none other than Greg Weisman himself - so it’s considered to be canon - and filled in many gaps between Team Year One and Team Year Five (Seasons One and Two). It is here that Kaldur learns of his origin, and we witness a character death that launches many of the plots that are central to Season Two.

In the game, Marduk’s Temple just happens to be in Bialya (coincidence?). The Team learns that Marduk was credited for saving the world from something called Tiamat - and was known as the ‘god of gods’ in his time. He’s also part of what they call the ‘chaoskampf’ myth, which was a story of Order vs Chaos. Tiamat was an agent of Chaos, so it’s fascinating to think that Vandal Savage (as Marduk) was actually an agent of Order in this time - fighting alongside Nabu, who was a Lord of Order.

Much as he was portrayed in ‘Evolution,’ Vandal Savage has seemingly been a hero for the people of Earth for millennia. The Marduk reference only reinforces that.

Greg and the other folks at Young Justice sure do dig their foundations deep…

(For anyone interested in the story of Young Justice: Legacy, there are sites on the internet that can fill you in, including a YouTube page that lets you watch all of the cutscenes - almost an hour’s worth of story. In the years after YJ was cancelled, I watched it every once in awhile as a Lost Episode to help ease the pain.)

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I think that John Henry Steele wasnt mentioned just a thought

We briefly brought up Steel in our write up on ep1-3. Isn’t it cool how many characters we have?

I’m surprised you didn’t make any mention of Ocean Master, who on the show had only been seen as Prince Orm in season one. I mean, sure, we know better, and season two made reference of Ocean Master being disgraced (hence Black Manta taking his spot on the light) but as far as I know, there hasn’t been in-show confirmation that Orm and Ocean Master were the same person.

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