All the Easter Eggs in TV’s CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Finale

Great Caesar’s Ghost! The two-part finale of television’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event has aired, and there is so much to unpack. Worlds were reborn, old friends returned, new friends were introduced, and we had some amazing cameos. We previously unpacked the Easter eggs for parts 1, 2, and 3. And now we’re going to take a look at what we found in the final two episodes…in today’s News article!

:rotating_light:Be warned, there are spoilers ahead! :rotating_light:

After checking out all the easter eggs we spotted, come back and let us know if we missed any!


This was fun to write! Usually we do these a few days later, but we wanted to get it out the morning after the episodes aired, so your friendly writer stayed up all night at a Denny’s booth to deliver you the goods!

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The Crisis event was epic beyond words! My only criticism is that Wonder Woman was not referenced or hinted at in any way. Themyscira was made canon in Legends, so why not have a quick cameo from Amazons, if not Lynda Carter herself? We got so much, from Tim Burton’s Batman, to Green Lantern, to Super Friends, that it’s kind of a bummer.

I find it interesting noone commented on Diggle having 2 kids. The only thing I was hoping for was a cameo from Lynda Carter however, with the surprise showing of Ezra Miller was tremendously successful


When we saw Burt Ward in the first episode, was he walking the Bat Hound from the Golden Age comics?

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Kinda surprised folks forgot about the HOJ building. It was shown in the “Invasion” crossover (2016/2017 season) with the Dominators.

@Cbriana.35644 I’m sure it is both Bat Hound and Burt’s crusade to extend the life of dogs. He is dedicated to his Gentle Giants.