All The Easter Eggs in DOOM PATROL GO!

There were so many Easter Eggs in DOOM PATROL GO! alone, it deserved its own article! Check out all the hidden gems in the wildly controversial segment discovered deep within Gar’s psyche during the latest episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders.

Find the full article by following the link below, or in the News section of DC Universe:

What did you think of DOOM PATROL: GO! ? Did it whelm you, or were you deliciously appalled? Let us know in the comments below!


I like how TTG spoofed YJ years ago and now the favor was returned.


Yeah let DIE


Fun article! I loved Doom Patrol Go, it was fun and clever. Neat tip of the hat to TTG since they tipped their hat to YJ first.

SN: Greg Cipes’ last name was misspelled as “Cripes”.


Also when Ms Martian and Superboy arrive, the paramedic they boot out is Casey Brinke!

The article does not appear to be listed in the news section.

Hi DeSade, it’s from January when the episode aired. If you search DOOM PATROL GO or DOOM PATROL EASTER it should be among the results. It’s one of my favorites pieces I’ve done on here. Fun deep dive!

best episode ever of Young Justice

Thanks. Found it.

Doom Patrol Go needs to be a series all its own ASAP.