All-star Superman over rated.

Is it just me or is All-Star Superman over rated. I always see it on every must read or best of list. But I was not impressed.


I can get why people say it’s over rated. But for me it’s the second best comic I have ever read


@redhood I’m with you. For me it’s the best Superman story ever. But I do get that Morrison just isn’t for everyone.

Why were you not impressed @david?

I am going to have to spend an evening or two reading it slowly

In batman, Morrison’s position was tall of the various batman are part of the true batman. The batman 66 occurs when batman, after working alone find s a friend in.robin and since Robin is a child, batman feels free to experience a childhood he never had with his chum.

The inclusion of Mort Weinberg Silver Age material in all, both attracts and repulses me. It attracts because it was part of my childhood. It repulses because as I grew older, I thought that material was silly. And rejected it.

It like he tried to take silver age story telling and tried to polish it. But all he did was remove the charm of the old silver stories.

It’s not just you. I must not be a Morrison fan because I thought it was a train wreck of a story.

How 'bout no.

Who hurt you?

Nah, I’m just kidding. Different strokes. :grin:

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Not at all over rated in my opinion. I collected this in single issues when they were released.

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It’s not enough to say you don’t think it’s that good, what in your opinion is so much better? Personally I don’t read much Superman. I like characters that are flawed like regular humans.

@IssacBrown sigh You have a Marvel fans perception of Superman. He has his share of flaws. Example he cares so much for people and their well beings that it can be a handicap to him at times. Thats just one example. I recommend broadening your Superman reading. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll discover about Big Blue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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True, I have not read a ton of Superman for the reasons I mentioned before. Give me some Recommendations to read on here.

I never read superman. His stuff in the 40’s was good but he is a lame super hero basically can do anything better than everyone else. I would like to see him rebooted as having super strength and heat vision and nothing else.

Also by super strength I mean only 10x more powerful than Batman not 100,000x stronger.

I really liked Geoff John’s Action Comics run.

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@IssacBrown I would start with Superman: For All Seasons by Jeph Loeb & Timm Sale. Then give Superman: Secret Origins by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank a go. Both of these are fairly small collected issues that are quick reads. However they pack one helluva emotional punch.

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@IssacBrown check out the For Tomorrow arc of Superman volume two (1987-2006) if you want a flawed Superman. Issues 204-215.

The Superman: For All Seasons and Superman: Birthright mini-series are good reads too.


@aphex978 I love all Geoff’s work. He is my favorite writer. I literally feel good, uplifted, excited, etc. every time I finish one of his arcs.

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@IssacBrown What my pal, Vroom said!

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Superman for All Seasons was pretty good. The few stories that Alan Moore wrote are my favorite.

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