All Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder.........

So I finally read ASBAR and…wtf did I just read? :neutral_face::neutral_face:


One of the best drawn books ever. Not quite equal to Hush but one of Jim Lees best


There’s only one answer to that…

You just read the goddamn Batman.


You just read garbage!

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I’ll be honest, I think this is one of those books that is flawed, but in a way that no one actually talks about.

To me, this is basically Frank Miller taking the standard conceit we all accept, that Batman needs a Robin to stop him from plunging into the abyss, and takes it to a logical extreme. The character arc we see of Batman, where he’s high off his success and growing arrogant, not realizing that he’s harming this child and becoming humbled by it and learning to be better is a very compelling one. I feel like there was going to be more to this story and a full character transformation into the more stoic hardass we all know and love, but sadly seems never to be because of it’s unfinished nature.

If anything, the problem with this book is the pacing of it is just awful. Frank might have been able to fit more story into it if it didn’t take more than three frickin’ issues just to get Dick into the Bat-Cave for the first time!

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Batman giving **** to Hal over how he uses his ring is too funny.

The art is the best thing about ASB&R. Gorgeous is an understatement.


“Damn you and your lemonade!”


“You have the most powerful weapon in the universe on your finger, and all you can do with it is make giant vacuum cleaners?”


dglasco: That was my exact reaction to this as well. I honestly couldn’t even finish it because I felt it was just awful.


I think I got the first two or three issues (I don’t know if I still have them), and I think I read a copy of a subsequent issue my brother purchased.
Yikes. The only way I digested the rest of that series was watching Linkara review them over the years.


An unfinished (possible) Masterpiece…


The story wasn’t for everybody. I’m still on the fence as to whether I think it’s good or not. I’d they finished it I think I would actually have a grasp for what the story was. The artwork is fantastic though

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Wasn’t the plan in continuing the story to either retitle the series as All Star Robin and Batman or start a new book with that title?

I know I read rumors about that around 2009 or so. That was when Adam Hughes said All Star Batgirl was still coming too. Sadly, that never materialized…

I got this one when I was first getting into comics and never finished it. Almost turned me off of comics entirely, but I ended up just thinking of it as an outlier. Glad I didn’t stop reading.

It makes me mad because it pretty much killed the All Star Line, which showed so much promise with All star Superman (One of the best all time superman stories ever).

Comparing All Star Superman and Batman is a real goofus and gallant moment.

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Yeah, Miller and Lee were planning to finish it under the moniker “Dark Knight: Boy Wonder.” That was back in 2010. But who knows, Miller has a lot of projects with DC right now, with Superman: Year One, a DK sequel, and an all-ages book starring Carrie Kelley, so maybe that’s still on the docket?

And Hughes was actually doing an All-Star Wonder Woman project, not Batgirl, and back in 2012 he said that was on indefinite hold. Basically, he’d like to do it, but he’s a fairly slow, meticulous artist, and in terms of economics, it’s better for him to do covers because they pay more than the time it would take to do interior pages.

There was an All-Star Batgirl project that was going to be done by Geoff Johns and J.G. Jones, but that fell apart and it looks like a lot of the plot points of it got into Johns’ Batman: Earth One series.