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Why do I not see all DC movies and Series both Live and Animated in here in addition to special content only available on DC Universe? Disney is about to release Disney plus this fall and it will contain everything Marvel, with the exception of items owned by Sony. Of course it won’t have comic books like you. However, I was hoping to see more items on here that would allow me to introduce my young children to the DC universe with items that we’re age appropriate while still allowing me to get the more adult focused content for myself. I know my focus here was on the movies and series, mostly because my kids can’t read much yet, but having comic books that are young age appropriate would also be great so that as they can start to read I can get them into the comic books too. Also, being able to add profiles that limit content by age would be good as well so as I allow them to have their own devices I can keep them from content that is above their age bracket.

Will Disney+ contain every single Disney film ever made? If not, then there’s no comparison to be made here. If you want to complain about a service comparable to Disney+, then complain about HBO GO. The proper competition to DC Universe is Marvel Unlimited, which offers no MCU movies or TV shows. We win.


If my previous reply seemed surly, it’s because these complaints pop up all the time, seemingly in every forum. All too often, the comments come from mean-spirited Marvel fans who want to waste our time reminding us how much better Marvel is than DC instead of contributing anything of worth. Also, this version of DC Universe will be updated soon to one with more community features, which should address your content concerns. There are already content viewership alert settings for both video and comics, which you can find in the Settings section of your profile.

If you have any issues with DCU, here’s the forum to express them:


Well said, @Alexanderknox!

The issue is existing licensing agreements. Such as Netflix having the CWVERSE shows. Until those deals expire and non-exclusive deals can be struck, they aren’t coming here anytime soon.

Disney+ will not have everything Marvel. Maybe in a couple years but I think come November a lit of people will be very dissapointed.

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Child appropriate comics

The library has dozens of them

See in Comics forum




I understand about parental control before them accessing this app on their own device.

@BatPoo Hey there! Just letting you know that, for security and privacy reasons, we don’t allow account sharing. This helps your account remain safe and confidential. Thanks! For more info, check out our Terms of Use here:


There are some wonderful age appropriate comics here! And even better, you can do panel-by-panel view. Hopefully you’ll see some amazing titles in the comics section.

And has been stated before, prior licensing agreements is why we don’t have the current movies on here. But to be fair, that was never advertised as such. But you never know what the future will hold :slightly_smiling_face:

These are all reasonable requests in my opinion and would make the app better. Kid appropriate material, if present, should be accessible at least through its own category. Parental controls would be a huge plus so we can install this on our kids’ devices with less worry. As far as the shows & movies are concerned, my hope is that DC is working to improve the archives as time passes and licensing agreements expire. Don’t really care who’s “winning” (the Marvel/Disney/DC thing is getting really tired). I just like this app…I like DC…and would love to see it improve.

i am going to get disney+ but hate to break it to you but disney+ is not going to have every marvel movie, not even close, also not going to have every pixar, or every disney tv show, cartoon, movie back to the 1920s like the hinted at earlier. it will have a lot but it won’t have everything either. ps nice troll post.

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My “winning” remark was sarcasm, by the way. Marvel Unlimited is a solid service, and DCU has just recently stepped up to offer a comparable selection.

And then there’s ComiXology Unlimited, where you get a little bit of Marvel, a little bit of DC, and a whole lot of Dark Horse. That’s the real winner. :wink:

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No worries @AlexanderKnox. Apologies if my comment came off as a tad aggressive. I just think we should be able to suggest some improvements without it being taken as negativity. Some of what DCU has already improved seems like it was based on direct member feedback, or at least it seems like they listen…something I praise them for. Whether the op was “trolling” or not, I honestly have no idea. The suggestions just didn’t seem outlandish to me :slightly_smiling_face:

@AlexanderKnox The only big difference with Comixology is they don’t have a lot of complete series like DCU and Marvel Unlimited do. But I won’t lie, if I could read them on Roku like I can DCU I would consider getting Comixology Unlimited for sure. Got some good reads in there.