All Fortress of Sweepstakes Winners Have Been Notified

Hi everyone! Quick heads up to let you all know that each winner of the Fortress of Sweepstakes has been confirmed. If you didn’t win this time, don’t fret! We have a new sweepstakes every week, and plenty of cool giveaways coming up in the future. Cooler, even.

We’ll make sure and let you know when the Death of Superman + Reign of the Supermen winners go out as well (about 1 week from now).

Thanks so much to everyone who entered!


Thanks for the contests and content. I had a question regarding where the personal inbox is located?


It’s your email, if you’re not getting any the mods will take care of u. I just sent my email in last night cuz I’d never gotten one either. There’s also a thread on here for people not receiving emails so u can let them know. I’ll try to find it & tell u. I know when I sent mine in yesterday they said offices are closed till the 2nd so they won’t be in contact till then.

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Thank you dj.

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You’re welcome, I’ll find that link, gimme a minute I un-bookmarked it after I used it.

Ok I found it. It’s under suggestion box. It’s pretty far down. Look for Redhood the name and avatar. It says “Hey mods I haven’t been receiving emails since the site opened.” The mods on there provide a link, & it says all who aren’t receiving emails please send your contact information to the link provided, & it has the link. U can tap the link, (I can’t but but it’s my iPad,) but u can also just CC that link if it won’t open for u & send your contact info & they will respond. It’s pretty far down the list like I said in suggestion box. Look for a Redhood avatar & the link is in mostly capital letters so u can spot it that way too.

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I don’t think so I didn’t seem to get the email saying I won. I imagine it was whichever one was most awesome. I can’t remember what was in them so go ahead and send them all to me it’s cool I don’t mind.

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Applejack I think you forgot to send me an email about winning the aquaman xbox!

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Aw man, really was hoping I would have won. Some of them were really good (especially the Flash and Aquaman one) Congrats to all the winners!


I feel your pain. I wanted the Catwoman one so bad & the trinity statue.

Congrats to the winners!


That’s nice of u @ JLWWSM


I dont think ive ever gotten an email from dcu? Im on premium so maybe theres a glitch?

@Dibz, can you please contact us by e-mailing We can try and get your account fixed up. Thanks!

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Sigh, another contest and still no win. :frowning:

Congrats ! I’m jealous lol

I really like that this notification went out. I would like to know if I do not win so I know there is not a problem with the app or my email.

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I suggested an alternative that way everyone will have the chance to know if they won- it’s a little complex, but rooted with good intention: having codes on a sweepstake winner page, and users have to verify if they are winners.
That way the work is on the user to see if they won instead of the technical team in charge of sending emails (although they could email everyone with “reply all” or something of that nature to test if everyone is getting emails).

Just got the email and I actually won the Death of Superman/Reign of the Superman screening in 2 weeks. Thanks DC Universe. Looking forward to the double feature.


Waits patiently for the Wonder Woman items :scream:

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