All Done With Comics

My experience so far:

Read half of Identity Crisis before it was removed. Had to buy it to finish it.
Read half of the Dark Knight Returns before it was removed. Had to buy it to finish it. Surprise it’s now back!
Had to buy Killing Joke and Hush because they’re not available.
Read the first 3 Aquaman 2011, which stops in the middle of the storyline. Had to buy #3 - #6.
Read the first 12 Nightwing 1996 before it jumps to 100.

So I’ve paid $80 to join DCs sales portal. I’m all set with comics here until they’re fixed. I’ll just binge the videos until they either fix this or O get bored + cancel.


I REALLY recommend the new 52 hawk and dove series based on what youve read. U should check it out! Also nighting new 52 is a personal favorite of mine.

I’m so sorry about the negatives you’ve experienced, and wanted to message to say thank you for sharing your feedback on the service, aphex978. We appreciate it, and are working to continue improving the service for everyone.

Also removed a few posts on here for violating Rule 1 of the Forum Guidelines – “Be respectful of fellow members.” The DC Universe Community Guidelines – DC Universe Help Center – Just a reminder to please make sure future posts abide by the guidelines, everyone.


Hey miss ink thanks for stopping by