Alex Ross animated series

I will would love to see an animated series based on Alex Ross’s graphic novels. his artwork is some of the most eye-catching I’ve ever seen on a page. If that can be translated into an animated series that would just be phenomenal. Does anybody else agree with this?


Totally in with this idea!!

Kingdom Come would be perfect


This sounds like it would be incredibly expensive to produce. The thing about animation is that you often have to sacrifice detail for movement. To make every crease and line Alex Ross provides move naturally you’d need an enormous team and years of development.

WHOA, that would be bonkers! I’d love to see even 5 seconds of that!

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Kingdom Come Animation 2-parter or series… I’d be down, definitely.

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Knowing a bit about how films are animated, his art, if possible at all (it isn’t) would be prohibitively expensive to the point of making it impossible to profit from. You would have much more success doing a live action interpretation of his work, but then you would lose what makes Alex’s art so special, and be left with just the writer’s amazing story.