Albums I own as DC characters

My other big interest is music and I have a pretty extensive vinyl collection, so here are some of my favorites as DC characters

Kyle Rayner: Blank Generation by Richard Hell and The Voidoids
Edgy, nervy, artsy, and scrappy

Hal Jordan: Machine Head by Deep Purple
He’s 100% BLASTING “Space Truckin’” whilst zipping around the galaxy. Please, DC, use that song in a GLC movie I promise you it’ll kick a**

Booster Gold: Cheap Trick: Live At The Budokan
He wants you to want him. So very, very, much. Also, he seems like a peppy yet somewhat off beat power pop sort of guy

Clark Kent: Green River By Creedence Clearwater Revival/Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen
Clark’s genre is old-school roots rock, because he is a dad and he listens to dad music.

Bruce Wayne: Damn Damn Damn by The Damned
Because he’s a spooky fella


You just associated my favorite character with one of my favorite songs by my favorite singer. Kudos!

I may have chosen a different Boss song for Clark though. “My Hometown” would work, so would “Brilliant Disguise” and “Working on a Dream”.

I’m a dad who listens to dad songs, too :slightly_smiling_face:!




It’s cool to see another vinyl record collector on here! I don’t know what characters I’d put for mine though…

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