Alan Moore's Swamp Thing

Is it self contained?
Can I skip over to his story arc or do I have to read the issues before that?

You don’t need to read anything before Swamp Thing #21.
If you find #20, you can read it, but it just clears the air for #21.

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Hi @E-Dot

Alan Moore’s run is from issue 20-64 of the SWAMP THING (1982-) series.

As @Leonardomyst said, Issue 21 is a good starting on point. Issue 20 is titled loose ends, it ties up loose ends from the previous issues. Be sure to read Swamp Thing Annual (1985-) #2 after issue 31, and before issue 32.

We are currently reading Alan Moore’s entire run in book club. Feel free to join the discussion if you’d like.


Thanks @JLWWSM!

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