Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing & TV Show Potential

Just finished reading all 6 volumes of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing - overall, I enjoyed it although some of the fill-in art wasn’t great & the story was a little redundant at points but it’s pretty obvious it was way ahead of its time. It kind of boggles my mind how much potential the TV show could have, specifically since they seem to be casting characters from Moore’s run.
Wonder what people’s thoughts are on what they’d like to see. Given how crazy some of the stuff on Titans has been, it seems like they could really not hold back & just embrace the weirdness of it all. I imagine they’ll probably spend most of the first season in Houma, but I’d love to see some of the crazier road trip stories (underwater vampires in Rosewood, the Winchester house story, etc) and it would be awesome if Etrigan, Deadman and Constantine showed up. Pre-Titans I would have said it’d never happen, but with that show and now Doom Patrol (of all the obscure things!) on the way, it seems like anything is possible. I’m excited regardless but wonder what other fans think.


I love swamp thing and anything that gets my favorites like deadman on the sir is a yes from me!!!


A new Swampthing show will be awesome. I was a fan of the late 80s- 90s TV show. With all they could do with special effects now the possibilities are endless.

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