Alan Moore and V

Ok, I’ve never read the comic but I love the movie, some people say the movie is terrible in comparison and others say it is way better. What do you think is true?

I’m in the minority here, but as much as I love Moore’s work I thought V was tripe. The British left was so afraid of Maggie Thatcher that so much of what they created was heavy handed analogies comparing her to a fascist regime. If they story can hold that up, go for it, but I don’t think V did.

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Per above

From part of the preface by alan moore.

Margaret Thatcher is entering her third term of office and talking confidently of an unbroken Conservative leadership well into the next century. My youngest daughter is seven and the tabloid press are circulating the idea of concentration camps for persons with AlDS. The new riot police wear black visors, as do their horses, and their vans have rotating video cameras mounted on top. The government has expressed a desire to eradicate
homosexuality, even as an abstract concept, and one can only speculate as to which minority will be the next legislated against.

I’m thinking of taking my family and getting out of this country Soon, sometime over the next couple of years.

It’s cold and it’s mean spirited and I don’t like it here anymore.

Goodnight England. Goodnight Home Service and V for

Hello the Voice of Fate and FOR VENDETTA.

Alan Moore
March 1988

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I knew of the comic before the movie came along, but finally read it once the movie came out.

There are things from one that are better than the other.

I do hear Hugo Weaving’s voice in my mind when I read the comic though. He was great.

It wasn’t just the left, it was the non-Torrys.

There were serious concerns, since they had started to use some of the same “police methods” as they were using in Northern Ireland.

And yes, there was discussion under Thatcher about putting AIDS victims in what can at best called “containment facilities” which would have been, essentially concentration camps.

The longest serving PM of the 20th century who handed off to a successor Conservative PM, revitalized the British economy and broke the stranglehold far left unions. The modern dynamic Britain of today is a Thatcher Britain. As for police tactics, the Brits continue to operate in a way most Americans would consider unacceptable. Don’t recall the “containment facilities” but that certainly would have been a very Cuban thing to do. Despite all this, I did try the series because as I’ve said before I don’t care about a creators politics if the story is good. I just don’t think V is.

@Mgstv The story, movie or both

Never saw the movie, I think I had picked up like 3 or 4 issues of the comic and it just wasn’t working

I like the movie it felt nice. It’s on Netflix now although you will probably not see it due to your disdain of the comic

Depends, how is the movie? My bigger problem is so much in my want to watch list

I personally like it, hugo weaving’s voice was really good and creedy was very to hate, so I’d say good movie

The movie was good, and in keeping with the sociopolitical issues of the day.
It seems to me no surprise that it is a modern retelling of the Black Powder Rebellion (exchange one politically targeted group for another and the government imposed strong arm tactics used.

Let us not forget that the original rebellion was committed by Catholic desires to blow up the House of Commons on the one day the entire House of Commons, House of Lords & monarch would be in the same place at the same time.)

Okay gotta finish Jessica Jones season 3 and will give it a try and keep an open mind